Stranger Things plot hole: Fans baffled as they notice unexplained Demogorgon error

Earlier this year, Netflix released a tantalising video teasing the return of Sheriff Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) to the fourth season of Stranger Things. Unfortunately, the series has been put on hold due to coronavirus fears, still viewers will have to wait for all their questions to be answered.

With each new season of the Netflix smash hit, Stranger Things introduces even more mysteries that have yet to be solved.

Fans are still wondering how the Upside Down came to be, what the Mind Flayer wants, and how Jim Hopper made it out of the secret Russian facility alive at the end of the previous instalment.

Since season one, the kids of Hawkins, including Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and super-powered teen Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) have been plagued by creatures dubbed Demogorgons.

The group of friends named the creature after their favourite Dungeons & Dragons monster, but discovering their motives has proven a lot harder than simply looking at its stats on a trading card.


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Some fans have taken to the forums to discuss the peculiar mysteries surrounding the Demogorgons throughout the series.

Reddit user VisibleEntry4 posed the question to fellow fans: “Why did the demogorgon attack Will?”

They added: “I’m so confused after my fourth rewatch, I still don’t have an answer except he said that the Demogorgon got him.” 

Demogorgons seemingly have interdimensional powers rivalling even those of Eleven, and are able to open portals between dimensions at will.

In the very first season, one of the creatures appears in Hawkins and stalks Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) on his way home.

This attack was the inciting event that would trigger the events for the whole series, but it remains an enigma why a Demogorgon would want to track down and maul a young boy from a small American town.

In order to get closer to Will, the Demogorgon seemingly has the abilities to not just open, but unseal locked doors.

One fan pointed this out, while another puzzled viewer commented: “I’m wondering about that too! Does the demogorgon have powers? He unlocks the door just like Eleven does!”

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Aside from the mangled mess of jaws and teeth that encompass their heads, the slimy, animalistic creatures are rather humanoid in appearance.

It appears the monster have a higher level of intelligence than basic predators, but this still doesn’t explain why the Demogorgon singled out Will of all people.

Additionally, it has been speculated that the Upside Down, the Mind Flayer and the hordes of Demogorgons are all connected to Eleven’s abilities somehow.

However, this doesn’t excuse the fact a Demogorgon was able to unlock a human door with apparently telekinetic abilities way back in season one, with no explanation offered yet.


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It has been rumoured that the upcoming fourth season will serve as the grand finale for the blockbuster nostalgia trip.

Sadly, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, production for the new chapter has been postponed for the foreseeable future.

If fans ever do get an answer to all the buzzing questions, it won’t be until the next season drops on Netflix, potentially in 2021.

Stranger Things 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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