Stranger Things posts titles of new season 4 episodes – and fans already have LOTS of theories

SEASON four of Stranger Things has teased calamity and turmoil for the gang – naturally – as show writers reveal the titles of new episodes.

After previously revealing that the first episode of season 4 will be titled ‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club’, we now know it will be followed by ‘Tick Tok Mr Clock’, and ‘You Snooze You Lose’.

The Stranger Things writers announced the news on the show’s official Twitter account, and time-themed titles fit in with the images also shared.

An image showed a clapperboard with an old-fashioned grandfather clock in the background.

While some fans predicted that the images and titles could suggest that time is running out for the gang, others suggested it could be a time travelling concept about to take place.

One eager fan tweeted: “Hit me. TIME TRAVELING! What if they are gonna Time travel. I night be wrong but i feel like thats kinda smart. I thought i share it here”

“Wow #StrangerThings4 is gonna have to have a multiple year time jump… Will Byers is NOT in middle school any more,” added another.

While a third penned: “What if the "The American" in Stranger Things post credit scene is Dr. Brenner, and Hopper has travelled back in Time to Russia. THIS IS MY THEORY”

“The gang have a race against time to save themselves,” assumed a fourth.

Travelling through the time and space continuum has been suggested by fans before as the next logical step for the series.

Viewers have referenced Hopper's letter to Eleven referenced turning back the clock and also considered the fact the show spent a suspiciously large amount of time talking about Back To The Future in the third season.

Vital questions around whether Eleven's powers are truly gone, or if the Byers family will ever return to Hawkins, were left unanswered at the end of Season 3.

It is also unclear what Hopper is going to be doing in Russia, and how he is going to return to Hawkins.

There are many fan theories already in the mix, such as speculating that because season 3 was set in 1985, season 4 could focus around the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine in 1986.

Many fans have theorised that with all the potential Russian involvement in the series, the show could potentially focus on the nuclear meltdown.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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