Talking nonsense! Ex RMT boss fury as GB News host slams strike People dont want this

Rail strikes: Steve Hedley defends action

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More than 40,000 RMT members working for Network Rail and 13 train operating companies across Britain plan to strike on June 21, 23 and 25 if the union’s grievances have not been resolved. Former RMT boss Steve Hedley joined GB News on Monday to defend the union members’ right to strike but clashed with Isabel Webster who slammed the impact industrial action will have on commuters.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has revealed the Government plans to introduce legislation to allow companies to hire agency staff to fill in for strike workers. 

Steve told GB News viewers workers deserved a pay rise in line with inflation as he cited the profits of rail companies. 

However, Isabel argued: “A lot of people listening to this will think, ‘My job is under threat or I’m also facing a squeeze with the cost of living, I’ve got lots of problems myself but you’re holding me to ransom by holding these strikes’. 

“Children that haven’t been able to go to school for exams won’t be able to take their GCSEs because they can’t use the rail network.

“What about millions of people being disrupted by this?

“Not once, not twice but three times in one week.

“It’s not just about red meat to the Government, this is in line with public opinion, people don’t want this.”

Steve fumed: “Public opinion from people you meet, public opinion from working-class people.”

Isabel attempted to interrupt but the union member hit back: “Hold on, I didn’t interrupt you. Let me answer!”

He continued: “People like nurses that haven’t had a decent pay rise that have had a real-terms pay cut, people like the janitors, people like the dustmen all out there are experiencing the same problems we have.

“Unfortunately, some of their trade unions aren’t as strong as we are and I would love to be able to go on strike for the nurses and get them a pay rise as well.

“You’re talking absolute nonsense, the people who have got the power to avoid this are Grant Shapps and his cabinet,” he raged.

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