Ted Lasso's Roy Agrees to Train Jamie! Brett Goldstein, Phil Dunster Mull Who Has More to Gain From Their Sessions

An unlikely partnership was formed during the third episode of Ted Lasso Season 3, when Roy Kent offered to train “pre-Madonna” Jamie Tartt to be an even better footballer than AFC Richmond’s newest recruit, Zava.

But before fans get a glimpse of their training sessions in Episode 4 (streaming Wednesday, April 5), we wanted to know what portrayers Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster thought about this new arrangement — specifically, who these sessions will benefit more. Whereas Jamie’s need here is quite transparent, Roy’s motivations are less obvious. Is he just being a good coach? A good friend? Or is he in pursuit of something deeper?

As far as Goldstein sees it, the answer boils down to science. “It’s the f–king science of happiness,” he posits. “Doing things for other people will make you happier, and I don’t think Roy was ever an actual, gifted footballer. He was an excellent footballer, but because he worked f–king hard [at it], whereas Jamie is a natural and doesn’t have that work ethic. Roy sees that and thinks, ‘if I can instill the parts of me that he doesn’t have, he could be one of the all-time greats,’ and that would be a gift for both of them, really.”

Dunster, meanwhile, suggests that the fandom will benefit more — or, at least, a certain faction of the fandom. “Is it benefiting [Jamie] more… or is it benefiting the certain corners of Twitter that are obsessed with the idea that Roy and Jamie are gonna f–k at some point?” he deadpans.

But on a more serious note, Dunster says that there’s merit for both of Keeley’s ex-boyfriends.  “For Jamie, there’s a time constraint to this,” he says. “He’s only a young, brilliant footballer for so many years, and he can be an even better, more brilliant footballer if he does this now. I think that it benefits Jamie more because Roy is already a coach, [but it does] feel like it’s a big step for Roy in his emotional development. I suppose in the context that we find each of them, Jamie is already on an emotional path, and I think that he’s teaching Roy a lot. But I [also] think that Jamie is also learning [about] humility.”

Now it’s your turn! Who do you think will gain more from these training sessions: Roy or Jamie? Sound off in Comments. 

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