Teen Mom Briana DeJesus slammed for letting daughter Stella, 4, wear bright red lipstick on 1st day of pre-kindergarten

TEEN Mom 2 followers slammed Briana DeJesus for letting her daughter Stella wear bright red lipstick on the first day of pre-kindergarten.

They couldn't believe the MTV mom-of-two let her four-year-old wear makeup to school.

Briana shared snaps of her two daughters, Nova and Stella on their first day of school captioned: "I officially got a 4th grader and a pre-Kindergartner."

Nova and Stella posed in their school uniforms with their backpacks and lunch bags.

Stella also completed her ensemble with bright red lipsticks.

Followers questioned Briana allowing her four-year-old to wear this makeup to school writing: "Why does your pre-k child have lipstick on?"

Others wrote: "Way too young for the bright lipstick."

A third wondered: "Did you really let her wear red lipstick to school or it was a joke?"

Last month, The Teen Mom 2 reunion saw Briana, who is engaged to Javi Gonzalez, break down to her ex and Nova's father, Devoin, thanking him for caring for Stella.

She said: "That's so tough. My poor little Stella. Thank you. Thank you for loving Stella."

Devoin replied: "Thanks for letting me," as Briana gushed: "She loves you so much."

It comes as Stella's father Luis has been in and out of their daughter Stella's life since she was born in 2017.

Just earlier this month, sobbed and confessed she “can't stop apologizing” to daughter Stella who cried when she was sent to see her dad, Luis. 

The MTV star’s youngest daughter does not often see her father, Luis, and had a “meltdown” before a planned meeting between the duo on the episode. 

Shortly after the show aired, Briana went on Instagram Live and completely broke down in tears over her toddler’s intense reaction to the situation. 

“I just feel so bad for Stella right now,” she said emotionally before adding: “My glasses are fogging up from crying ugh I need a tissue.”

The reality star then confessed: “It hurts, it does. Good mamas learn from their mistakes and apologizing and I’ve been apologizing to Stella for the past 30 minutes. 

“She’s like ‘what are you talking about’ and I’m just crying and I’m like ‘I’m so sorry!’”

Following the upset reaction, Briana said in a confessional: “Luis is pretty much a stranger to Stella… Stella would not be acting like this if Luis came around more. I can't force her to do anything…  But I thought it was a good idea that they could spend time with each other.”

She continued: ”I struggle with this daily…whether or not Luis should continue coming in and out or just stay away forever."

In a previous episode, Briana broke down and fought back tears as she confessed her pain for her youngest daughter.

“I feel so guilty, her not being able to experience both parents,” the Teen Mom confessed.

When a fan showed her support for the reality star in her battle with Luis, encouraging her to hold him "accountable" and take him to court, Briana responded: "Keep watching this season! You'll see"

Briana recently shared snapped a photo of her two daughters holding several shopping bags from the American Girl Doll store, as they took a day off from "reality."

The TV personality captioned her post: "Skipped out on reality for today and took the girls on a date. Having a little mom guilt after watching last nights episode. This doesn’t fix much but I love my girls and all I want to do is protect them," she reasoned.

"There’s no right or wrong answer to parenting which makes things so much more difficult but I am trying my hardest. Thank you guys for tuning in and sending Stella and I so many nice comments and showing so much support! #teenmom2."

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