Teen Mom Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable as fans say she 'looks like she's melting' in shocking new photo

FARRAH Abraham appeared virtually unrecognizable in a new photo with family as fans claimed her face was "melting" in the sunlight.

The Teen Mom 2 alum recently turned 30, though many fans have said she looks much older due to plastic surgery.

Fans of Farrah took to Reddit to share a newly surfaced photo of the reality star as she stood with her daughter Sophia at an event.

The reality star smiled as she stood with her pre-teen child, looking vastly different from her original MTV days.

Followers of the controversial star were shocked by the shiny nature of the TV personality's face, as one re-shared the image with the caption: "What is going on with Farrah’s face here?"

"WTF. That's Farrah?!?!?!? I am horrified," one admitted, while a second agreed: "Ugh that's awful what did she do to herself?"

"She has a totally new face. She looks like a 55 year old 2nd rate brothel owner," another scathed.

"SHE'S MELTING," a fourth put shortly, while a final wrote: "Holy s**t what has she done to herself??"

Farrah has faced frequent backlash over her changed appearance, as fans have pleaded with her to "calm down on the surgery."

In early May, the Teen Mom star released a new video wearing a bright red dress as she addressed the camera in confessional style.

In a close-up moment, the mother of one's cheeks were puffed out and her lips seem to have been plumped up.  

Farrah's followers raced to the comments section to share their speculation on her new look.

"She looks like she's in her 50s," one slammed, while a second replied: "She looks so much older than she is."

Just days before, the Nebraska native shared a filtered selfie to Instagram where she donned a set of fake eyelashes, her platinum blonde hairdo, and ultra-glossy lips. 

Amidst all the heavy makeup Farrah was a far cry from her early days on MTV.

"Calm down on the surgery, can you not see your lips are hanging all different directions," one fan pleaded while another asked: "Why do you use always a filter on your face! All that surgery…"

The single mom recently rang in her 30th birthday alongside her daughter Sophia, 12.

Farrah enjoyed the special day with a yacht trip, jet ski ride, and over-the-top cake and decor.

The reality star showed off her curves while posing on the luxury boat, and hopped on the jetskis with her daughter for a joyride.

Later in the evening, the controversial parent threw on a fancy suit and crystal-encrusted heels for her dinner and dessert.

Before the celebrations began, Farrah shared an old MySpace message from her baby daddy Derek Underwood, who died at age 18.

The MTV star posted a photo of an old message that read "I miss you" hundreds of times, reflecting: "When I have a hard day, this note will forever give me love, cheer me up."

"Forever and ever and ever and ever."

Derek passed in a fatal car accident just two months before Sophia was born on February 23rd, 2009.

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