Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mother Debra, 63, worries fans with her latest Instagram video with some begging 'please stop'

DEBRA Danielsen, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's mother, has fans worried after posting a new video.

The 63-year-old, who goes by the artist name Debz OG, sang along to one of her songs during a short workout video, with fans begging her to “please stop.”

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Deb has been trying to get a rap career off the ground recently and has released multiple songs, as well as music videos.

She’s working on releasing a full album, and is documenting a lot of her musical efforts on Instagram, including often posting updates, teasers, and, now, a “small singing session.”

The 63-year-old has fans worried with her career choice, especially as many think she “can’t sing to save her life.”

On Monday, Farrah’s mom posted an eight-minute YouTube video of her working out and doing some stretches, only taking some breaks to sing along to her song, In Love With Me.

She posted a clip of just the singing portion on her Instagram, though followers thought it sounded more like she was “saying the words not singing them.” 

In the caption, Debz OG wrote: “Turn up the sound! ⬆️ 🎶 Had to squeeze in a small singing session in between my workout!”

One commenter wrote, “Oh ffs 🤦‍♀️ just stop,” while another called it all, “Cringe 10.0.”

“This singing and song was like a bad dream for me,” said a third.

Others begged, “Sweet baby Jesus make her stop 🛑,” and asked for “someone [to] come get farrahs mom. 😂”

After seeing one follower tell her not to quit her day job, Deb shot back that she “already did” and has no regrets.

“We keep going stronger and higher my friend 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” she added. “Have a blessed and beautiful week. Do something you love 💕”

The White Woman’s Rap artist did receive a few kind comments from fans proud of her for just doing something she enjoys.

One person wrote: “I love you so much! You're such a free spirit and I love it.”

Another wrote: “Keep at it! You are following your dream!”

The grandmother used to star alongside Farrah and her daughter Sophia, 12, on MTV's Teen Mom.

She's previously defended her music, including her music video for White Woman’s Rap, as fans criticized her scantily-clad outfits and “off the rails” dance moves. 

Debra said of her work: “A lot of people don’t realize I am a singer and rapper. I’m not on drugs, I’m not high, I’m an artist. I love music.

"What you see in my videos is who I am. I want this to be about my music and my music career. 

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