Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards brands Maci Bookout a 'spiteful evil b**ch' as son Bentley, 12, refuses to attend birthday bash

TEEN Mom star Ryan Edwards has branded his ex-wife Maci Bookout a "spiteful evil b**ch" in a shocking rant.

Viewers saw Ryan slam Maci, accusing her of holding their son Bentley hostage from his family, in a conversation with his wife Mackenzie.

The hurtful comments were made as Ryan told Mackenzie that his son Bentley would not be attending his half-brother Jagger's birthday at their house, but instead attending a party held at his grandparent's house.

Bentley has been setting boundaries with his father in recent episodes, including choosing to not visit the house and asking his father to attend therapy sessions with him.

Ryan has yet to agree to visit with him for joint sessions.

"So mom called and says Bentley can't come to the birthday, but he could come to the one at mom's house," said Ryan.

Mackenzie accused Maci of creating "drama," to which Ryan added: "Thanksgiving and Halloween before, now Jagger, she always says yes and we tell the kids he'll be here and they get exicited and then the day of she calls and say no.

"Mom's reasoning was the cameras are around and he wouldn't feel comfortable but I think that's just her covering for Maci.

"She doesn't want to make Maci mad in fear of Bentley  not being able to come over.

"I know she wants to see Bentley but there comes a time when you can only take so much of Maci's bulls**t."

In response, Mack shared: "I am over it Ryan.

"I am responsible for these kids emotions and feelings and they don't deserve that. It's one thing to be a petty b**ch, fine, but when you're including my kids, that's not okay with me."

"She's just a spiteful evil b**ch," concluded Ryan.

Last week fans saw 12-year-old Bentley make the call to attend his brother Jagger's birthday party at his grandparent's house and see his troubled dad.

But after he discovers that the party will be at his father's house instead, the tween makes a hard choice.

"Bentley has set clear boundaries that he doesn't want to be around his dad until they go to therapy together," shared Maci.

She then told her son the news that the venue had changed, and Bentley admits he doesn't want to be at his dad's house.

"I haven't seen him in forever, and then that'd just be a big jump from just like, not seeing him,and then going straight to his house…" he admitted.

Ryan has had a long battle with substance abuse and was last in rehab in 2018; his struggles have led to an estragement with Bentley.

Despite complaints coming from Ryan and his parents that Maci has been keeping Bentley away from them, she assured fans the decision has been Bentley's alone.

She disclosed to MTV producers: “I couldn’t tell you the last time the words ‘I want to see my dad’ came out of his mouth.

“He definitely wants to still see his brothers and sister, but we spoke with Jen and Larry with Bentley. He told them he doesn’t want to see his dad anymore until he goes to therapy."

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