The Apprentice winner says two endings were made and that no-one knew who won

Lord Sugar has hired his latest business partner in The Apprentice, after candidate Harpreet Kaur won a £250,000 investment for her dessert business.

Both Harpreet and fellow candidate Kathryn Burn were tasked to develop their businesses in the final episodes – but only one could be called Lord Sugar's next business partner.

While Kathryn worked hard to secure investment for her pyjama company, it was Harpreet's dessert company that delighted Lord Sugar's taste buds during the tense finale of series 16 – earning her a place in the boardroom, and a new business partner in Lord Sugar.

However speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other press, Harpreet revealed that despite the series being filmed in 2021, neither she or Kathryn knew who had won until recently – as two endings were filmed.

Each ending showed a different outcome and winner of the series, with Harpreet saying: "At that point we didn't know who had won, because you film two endings. It was a bit of a surreal moment, because you film it and then you don't know what is happening."

She added: "Everything on The Apprentice is filmed as you see it. There's no acting.

"At the end you do have to film two alternates for I'm hired, or Kathryn's hired. Then we've just sort of recently found out who was the actual real winner."

Speaking about the moment she discovered that she had won, Harpreet said: "It's been a long way since and we've both just been working really hard on the businesses since then.

"You're almost in limbo for a while until you find out what's going on, but because we're so work focused, we're not going to let anything get in the way of our goals regardless.

"It's been amazing to finally have that closure and be like, so I did win."

Harpreet also revealed that she had not worked with Lord Sugar on her business yet, but is excited to begin working with the entrepreneur soon, after spending months since filming ended redeveloping her dessert brand.

She also added that she would love to work with Tim Campbell and Karen Brady again, saying that since the finale they "have been so supportive and so kind."

"I haven't had much time with Tim, Karen or Lord Sugar at all, but at my You're Hired show, which has been filmed, you'll see Tim and Karen say some really nice, supportive comments about me.

"They were so, so supportive and I'll definitely be reaching out to them for advice, because they're very inspiring to me and they're both so successful."

Harpreet also revealed that she was delighted to see her fellow candidates return for the final, as they prepared to help both candidates develop their businesses in the hope of winning the investment from Lord Sugar.

"I loved when the other fellow candidates walked around the corner," said Harpreet.

"Me and Kathryn actually got a bit emotional and had a little cry, but luckily they didn't show it on TV.

"It was like our friends are coming back. When they left us, it felt like, you've left us to it by ourselves – but when they came back, it was like yes, come and help us!

"We were just so happy to see them again because we genuinely a) needed their help and b) had great friendships, so we felt more supported in that way with them."

Having worked with Navid Sole, Nick Showering, Akshay Thakrar and Brittany Carter to rebrand her dessert business as Oh So Yum, Harpreet is now excited for the future as she prepares to step into the next phase of her career alongside Lord Sugar.

"I'm rebranding to what I'm creating on the show and the great thing is, it doesn't matter where you are in the UK, you won't have to wait to try my products. Everyone can go online and order immediately all those things in your box.

"I'm just so happy as I got asked in the process about scalability and how are you going to make this a bigger business, and hopefully that's already a tick in the box and I can only grow it bigger and better now."

Speaking about the impact of the programme on her life, she also added: "I'm receiving so many nice messages from people of all different ages, backgrounds. All saying you're really inspiring me to be a go getter, to smash it.

"It's so so nice. It's lovely I'm having that affect on people and that hopefully I can help people go and achieve their dreams."

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