The Chase contestant snaps 'thanks – rub it in!' at Bradley Walsh after setting new show record for the WORST reason

A CONTESTANT on The Chase snapped 'thanks – rub it in!' at Bradley Walsh after setting a new show record for the WORST reason.

Marryk had got off to a flying start on Tuesday's edition of the ITV quiz show by answering 10 questions in the cash builder to finish with £10,000.

Host Bradley was impressed, but things quickly went downhill for Marryk when he went head to head with Chaser Anne Hegerty in his main game.

After he incorrectly answered a question about Anne Boleyn's mother, Anne got the question right and Marryk was caught.

Bradley was stunned and said: "This is unbelievable! Take us out five [steps] from home? A £10k player?"

He then added: "I've never seen that."

Marryk replied: “The questions didn’t fall for me. They fell for me in the first round and not this one – these things happen.”

But Bradley, who has hosted the show since it began in 2009, was still processing what had happened.

He said again: "I’ve never seen that before, never seen a £10k player go out without answering a question in the head-to-head.”

Marryk replied: "Thanks, rub it in, mate."

But there was no stopping Bradley, who continued: "I’ve never seen that, ever. That’s a desperate blow for us.”

Anne added: "He was an amazingly strong player, he would have been a tremendous threat in the Final Chase.

“I’ve done myself a big favour getting rid of him."

She then told Marryk: “If you’re not already involved in quizzing in the Northampton area, you should be!”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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