The Chase fans horrified as player says she hopes her cat dies in prize chat

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Viewers of ITV's The Chase couldn't believe what they heard on the show after a player admitted that she was hoping her cat passed away so she could make her next animal purchase.

Confident contestant Ramisa spoke openly about her money spending plans to presenter Bradley Walsh and confessed that she would love to buy a dog.

But Ramisa alarmed viewers at home when she revealed that she wanted her "cranky" cat to pass away first before she bought her next pet.

Trying to understand what she said a bit better, Bradley asked: "So you're waiting for your cat to peg it before you buy a dog?"

Laughing at Bradley's confusion, Ramisa agreed.

Hearing her unusual admission, fans immediately rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the player.

One concerned viewer wrote: "As someone who just lost their cat, hearing this woman saying she's just waiting for her cat to die is really horrible."

Another said: "I just found out that Ramisa wants her cat to die. F***ing hell."

A third fan penned: "What the hell is wrong with this woman on the chase, actively saying she wants her cat to die?"

"Does Ramisa need to be reported to the RSPCA after that intro on #TheChase ??!!" A fourth questioned.

But Ramisa wasn't the only contestant on the show that caused a stir amongst spectators.

A player named Mike also caused controversy when he decided to go for the lower offer on the table of minus £1,000.

To make matters worse, Mike classified himself as a regular pub quizzer which certainly confused fans at home.

Jumping back on Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts on Mike.

One fan commented: "Ok. I often defend low offer takers. But when you're an active pub quizzer and question setter, that I have a problem with!!!!"

Another added: "A regular quizzer who went for the minus offer?"

Meanwhile, another confused fan said: "Pub quizzer goes minus offer."

Although the team had all four members to play in the final round, it certainly wasn't enough when they were faced with chaser Shaun Wallace who managed to catch them with seconds to spear.

When asked about his win, Shaun said: "It's just another day at the office."

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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