The Chase fans swoon over gorgeous player as theyre floored by hometown fact

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    The Chase fans were quick to gush over a female contestant before their attention shifted.

    Bradley Walsh welcomed four new hopefuls into the ITV studio on Monday (May 8) who attempted to leave with some cash.

    As the four players prepared to face Jenny Ryan, fans headed to social media to gush over Alice's "gorgeous" appearance.

    "Alice is gorgeous #TheChase," penned one viewer as another wrote: "Alice in Wonderland."

    "I want to be friends with Alice," shared a third as someone else tweeted: "Alice on the chase is stunning."

    When it was Alice's turn to go head-to-head with the 41-year-old quizzer, she followed the usual format and had a quick chat with Bradley beforehand.

    The mum-of-two told the presenter she was from Belvoir but said it is actually pronounced "Beaver".

    Fans immediately raced to social media to comment on the statement as one shared: "Beaver… #TheChase," as another user penned: "Vale of Beaver? #TheChase."

    "BEAVER?! #TheChase," exclaimed a third person before someone else wrote: "Beaver," followed by a laughing face emoji.

    Alice managed to raise a comfortable £5,000 in the cash builder and stuck with that when she went up against Jenny, sailing through to the final chase with no problems.

    Up first to face The Vixen was Cindy, who put on an impressive display when she amassed £9,000 in the cash builder round.

    But despite showcasing her incredible knowledge in the first round, the questions proved too much and she was caught.

    She was followed by Peter who secured £4,000 and became the first person through to the final round.

    The third player up was Mat, but he was caught after just two questions, leaving Peter and Alice to face the Vixen alone.

    Attention landed on Alice once again when she was asked in what decade was actress Angeline Jolie born.

    After Alice answered the 50s, fans swarmed social media to share their thoughts on the answer.

    "Alice thinks that Angelina Jolie is in her mid-60s to early 70s? #TheChase," as another echoed: "Angelina Jolie was apparently born in the 1950’s. There’s no coming back from the embarrassment of that."

    Unfortunately for Peter and Alice, they were caught with plenty of time to spare and waved goodbye to their £9,000.

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