The Rookie Feds fans outraged after being misled by crossover tease

The Rookie Feds trailer of Niecy Nash spinoff

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Both ABC’s original crime drama The Rookie and its new spin-off The Rookie: Feds have been fully integrated over the past year, with several characters and storylines feeding into each other. Fans were promised yet another crossover event this week to conclude the case against crime boss Elijah Stone (played by Brandon Jay McLaren), but did this week’s double bill deliver the goods?

Viewers have slammed the latest edition of both Rookie shows for “faking” a crossover event to entice fans.

This week, Simone Clark (Niecy Nash-Betts) and John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) tackled a huge case when two drug cartels joined forces.

Firstly, The Rookie kicked things off with Elijah’s lawyer Monica Stevens (Bridget Regan) breaking conduct to help the LAPD gather more intel.

In part two, The Rookie: Feds, the agents teamed up to get to the bottom of the case while Clark and Carter Hope (James Lesure) tried to let go of their old grudges.

By the end of the two hours, viewers were crushed when the major players from both series failed to crossover or interact with each other in any way.

Twitter user @PROCHADMARTIN tweeted: “A show must be pretty bad when you have to fake a crossover event about every other week from a good show like #therookie and @NathanFillion just to get any kind of rating.”

@snowflakejen fumed: “Every time @therookie advertises a ‘crossover’ it’s just a ruse to get you to watch the ridiculous @TheRookieFeds.

“There is no actual crossover and I always end up wanting my extra hour back. Spoiler alert: there was no crossover. Again.”

Joycelyn Hudak wrote: “So #TheRookie and #TheRookieFeds crossover episode was not really much of a crossover, except for the storyline.

“Both episodes were good, but when I hear crossover I think of multiple characters in each other’s show.”

“#TheRookieFBI was supposed to be a crossover event tonight, #TheRookie/#TheRookieFBI,” @Valthehbic added.

“But odd, I didn’t see a single character from #TheRookie. Please stop trying to make #TheRookieFBI a thing, it’s not happening.”

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@BmoreSportsMama said: “#TheRookie was really good tonight. Loved #chenford.

“BUT that was not a crossover at all! And as good as The Rookie was, Feds was disappointing. Please stop with the ‘crossovers’.”

And @bonlrisch posted: “What fans expect when they see ‘crossover’ is all or majority of the characters appearing on each other’s show with a seamless storyline between the episodes.

“See One Chicago or NCIS 3 Way Crossover. What #TheRookie and #TheRookieFeds calls a ‘crossover’ aren’t crossovers.”

Several viewers admitted to enjoying the episodes, but still felt misled after this week’s double bill was advertised as a crossover between the two shows.

The Rookie: Feds is still pulling in strong numbers each week, but it may need to take inspiration from other shows and bring in Nolan and his team to keep fans watching.

Both the spin-off and the flagship drama have yet to be renewed for another season, but hopefully, this year won’t be the last the audience has seen of Clark and Nolan.

The Rookie and The Rookie Feds continue Tuesday, March 21 on ABC in the USA and Thursdays on Sky Witness in the UK.

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