The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 wasn’t dropped as a boxset unlike series 1

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Official Amazon Prime teaser trailer

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty’s second outing has begun on Amazon Prime Video with subscribers eager to watch the entirety of the series.

The teen drama was last seen in June 2022 when all seven episodes were dropped in one go.

But this time around, Prime Video has decided to drip-feed season two to fans in a bid to build up excitement around the show.

When does episode 4 of The Summer I Turned Pretty come out?

The Summer I Turned Pretty season two kicked off on Prime Video on Friday, July 14.

And unlike season one last year, only the first three episodes became available to watch on its initial release date.

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Fear not though, as the wait for episode four isn’t going to be very long.

Subscribers will be able to dig into what Belly (played by Lola Tung), Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) and Conrad (Christopher Briney) get up to next on Friday, July 21, on Amazon Prime Video.

From this date onwards, a single new instalment is going to be dropped weekly on the streamer with no expected hiatuses.

This means the grand finale of The Summer I Turned Pretty season two, episode eight, will be out on Friday, August 18.

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When the drama was seen last year, Belly seemed to have made her choice with Jeremiah, who escorted her to her debutante ball.

But when a family secret came out, he left just before she was due to do her big dance.

This is when Conrad stepped in and the series ended with the pair sharing a passionate kiss.

In the first few episodes of season two, there is another issue to contend with for the brothers.

After Jeremiah’s mum Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) dies, the entire deed of the beach house is left to her half-sister Julia (Kyra Sedgwick).

But she has already made her mind up with plans to sell the beautiful property even before the funeral.

So can Jeremiah and Conrad convince her to keep their beloved beach house?

The Summer I Turned Pretty is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video

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