The Talk hosts are 'fake friends' as 'jealousy, backstabbing and tension' brew backstage after Marie Osmond's ‘firing'

THE Talk hosts are “fake friends” as “jealousy, backstabbing and tension” brew backstage after Marie Osmond was “fired” from the series after only one season. 

A source exclusively claimed to The Sun that The Talk hosts Sharon Osbourne, Eve, Carrie Ann Inaba and Sheryl Underwood are “fake friends.”

The insider alleged: “The idea that the hosts are friends is a big lie. They are not friends off camera at all. 

“Eve is focused on her music career and family and doesn't allow herself to get involved in any bulls**t. Carrie Ann is too busy with Dancing with the Stars and suffers from many autoimmune disorders.”

Tensions were at a high when fan-favorite Marie was on the show. 

As The Sun previously reported, Marie, 60, who joined the CBS show in 2019 to replace Sara Gilbert, was fired from the daytime talk show amid tension with her cohosts. 

The insider claimed to The Sun that Sharon, 67, and Sheryl, 56, “never wanted Marie on the show in the first place.”

The source continued to allege: “When Sara Gilbert left to focus on The Connors and her acting career, Sharon and Sheryl wanted someone less known to replace her so that they would be the two biggest stars on the show."

When Marie joined for Season 10, Sharon and Sheryl allegedly became “instantly jealous” of the “attention and publicity” she received. 

The insider claimed: “They never talked to her, never socialized with her. Backstage they would make fun of Marie behind her back saying she was too sugary sweet and too nice.”

The two cohosts “purposely created an awkward atmosphere for Marie so that she was shut out of the group.”

The source continued to claim: “Marie felt isolated and alone, only Carrie Ann or Eve was ever nice to her.”

Carrie Ann, 52, who is a producer on the show, “loved” Marie from their time together on Dancing with the Stars. 

The source said: “Carrie Ann tried to plan group outings with all of the ladies so that everyone could become friends with Marie, but Sharon and Sheryl would refuse to attend.

“She was always very nice to Marie and was so upset about how the other ladies treated her. She knew that Marie had gone through many painful things in life so she always had empathy and love for her.”

The alleged behavior could be seen on camera as well. 

The source said: "Marie had a more conservative viewpoint on certain topics and Sheryl and Sharon would cut her off."

On a January 2020 episode, Sharon accused Marie of lying about not wearing Spanx. 

When Sharon praised the undergarment, Marie claimed she did not like to wear Spanx. 

Sharon said, “Get out of here, you're full of it” and indicated she was lying by motioning to her growing nose like Pinocchio.

When Marie said she was not wearing Spanx under her outfit, Sharon made the gesture again and the musician pulled up her skirt to prove she wasn't wearing the sculpting underwear. 

On an April episode, Marie said she was “intrigued” by news relating to coronavirus. 

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife said there is “nothing intriguing” about coronavirus because it is a “sad” topic. 

When the musician tried to explain herself, Sharon cut her off and said: “I am nothing like you!”

When viewers became upset over Sharon’s treatment of Marie, she said in a statement that she "can't apologize for being overly emotional.”

The insider told The Sun: “All the viewers see what catty and jealous women the hosts are. It has destroyed the brand of the hosts being best friends on camera and behind the scenes.”

CBS and reps for Sharon and Sheryl did not respond to The Sun's request for comment. 

Earlier this month, Marie revealed in a statement that she is leaving the series to spend time with her family and focus on other projects. 

But as The Sun previously reported, she was "fired" from the show.

An insider said earlier this month: "There were some women there, who were not the warmest to Marie – even at times it would be fair to say even frosty.

"I am not naming names, but they know who they are.”

A friend of Marie's "suspected" her contract would not be renewed, given at times "she and fans could see clear divides between the outspoken women.”

Now, staff is “bracing” for the show to be canceled as the network “slashed the budget.”

The source alleged: “The entire staff is bracing for the show to be canceled because they have slashed the budget, laid off crew members and more. 

“They strung some staff and crew along all during COVID only to tell them, ‘Sorry we don't have jobs for you anymore.'”

The insider continued that the vibe on set has been “depressing.”

“Everyone is walking on eggshells as the new season begins,” the source continued to allege. “The show is unstable now and has a stench to it. It smells like a failure.

“Everyone is just depressed and knows this is the final season if it even lasts until January. The Talk is the lowest-rated show on the entire CBS lineup.”

But a separate show insider told The Sun: “The show continues to be part of the CBS daytime line up and staffers are happy to be back at work and on set. The budget has not been cut.

"The staff numbers remain the same, aside from the audience and giveaways department, as there is currently no live audience due to COVID."

As The Sun has reported, viewers are boycotting The Talk following Marie’s departure.

Fans have even called for the show’s cancellation since the Season 11 premiere on September 21. 

One viewer said on The Talk’s Facebook page: “I am done with this show!! It's gone downhill fast and the firing of Marie is so unfair.”

A second fan wrote: “It has been boring for me too, I don't watch it anymore.”

A third said: “I am extremely disappointed that Marie for whatever reason isn’t coming back. I’m sorry to say but she balanced the positive and negative that comes with individual opinions. She represented a huge share of women who just can’t identify with Sharon Osbourne.  

“Sadly, I am giving up watching The Talk just because I will miss Marie too much. Whatever the reason damage is done.”

But viewers aren’t the only ones upset over Marie’s “firing,” as the source said the show feels “different” without her.

The insider continued: “Marie used to smile, greet everyone by name and ask how they were doing. It feels different at the show. There is no kindness in the air.”

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