This Morning presenter accidentally makes squeaking noise during live segment

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This Morning presenter Daisy Price was questioned by host Philip Schofield as a squeaking noise was heard during the live discussion about gardening.

As Daisy took a stride across her pristine green grass, walking towards the long grass in the corner of her garden she managed to step on a squealing toy.

Back in the studio, Phil asked: "Have you got a dog?"

Daisy responded proudly: "We do he's sitting down here do you want to see him?"

"We heard a dog toy squeak half way through and we couldn’t work out if it was the dog toy or you?", joked Phil.

"It wasn't me," Daisy responded bashfully.

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Daisy held up her beloved chocolate-coloured pet so that viewers could meet him.

Long before Philip had even mentioned the noise in question, fans of the show had already taken to their keyboards to pinpoint the mishap.

One tweet read: "Did she just stand on a dogs squeaky toy? #ThisMorning."

"Did she just step on her dog or something #ThisMorning," said a second.

Another asked: "She just stand on a dog toy cause I heard a squeak anyone else hear it? #ThisMorning"

"Think it was the dog’s toy," responded another online user beneath the question.

The original tweet owner explained: "Oh yeah I can see the ball."

Earlier on in the programme Holly and Phil became a tad emotional after a Spin to Win contestant asked if they could give £1000 of their £2000 winnings to charity.

Phil decided to do one better, not only giving her £2000 in winnings but offering to stump up an extra £1000 to her chosen charities after he'd been touched by her gesture.

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