TOWIE’s Amy Childs says Chloe Brockett is bang out of order over Frankie Sims feud

The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs has weighed in on Chloe Brockett’s feud with co-star Frankie Sims, telling her friend she has been “bang out of order”.

In last night’s episode of the hit reality show, Amy and Chloe were enjoying a catch-up with their mums when conversation quickly turned to Chloe’s recent explosive argument with Frankie.

As Chloe’s mum asked Amy if she’d been getting a “hard time” for being friends with Chloe because of the ongoing drama, Amy answered: “Yeah, it is hard with all the girls because I do feel like I am constantly in the middle.”

Amy, who recently confirmed her new romance with her new man, then turned her attention to Chloe to discuss her row with Frankie over Jack Fincham.

The 31-year-old explained she thought they’d “got a bit distant from each other” and that she was shocked to see the text messages Chloe had sent to Frankie following their fall out.

Amy said: “She got the messages on the phone. Now I’ve got to be honest with you, what you said is bang out of order.”

The reality star continued: “You should never have said that. But I’m telling you as a mate.”

Taking in what Amy was telling her, Chloe, 20 nodded in agreement, before putting forward her opinion on her and Frankie’s argument.

She explained: “I spoke to Frankie at Halloween and I walked in there and I apologised, but I do feel like my side of the story hasn’t been heard very well.”

Chloe then went on to reveal that she didn’t think Frankie was totally innocent in the situation as her co-star had retaliated on text, before deleting the messages.

However, Chloe did put her hands up and admit that she had been in the wrong and crossed a line.

She confessed: “I sit there and think, ‘that’s so out of order of me’.”

“I’m sitting here starting up a brand where I want to empower all women and I’m sitting there being nasty about a girl, that’s not right.”

“But there’s no way she’s an innocent person here and the fact is the problem stems from years ago.”

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