Truth Seekers reviews: Horror series blasted as 'boring, slow and not a patch on Shaun of the Dead'

AMAZON Prime’s Truth Seeker reviews are in and the horror series has been blasted as “boring, slow and not a patch on Shaun of the Dead.”

The 10-part-show stars Nick Frost as Gus Roberts, a full-time broadband internet installer and part-time ghost hunter. 

However, if fans of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are expecting something similar to World’s End or Hot Fuzz, then it sounds like they’re about to be disappointed.

Comparing it to dark zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead, one reviewer describes it as a “tepid kind of British diversion, like dunking a McVitie's digestive into a cup of tea and wondering whether a roll of fresh wallpaper mightn't liven the place up a bit”.

The series follows widower Gus, a portly, bearded, broadband internet installer who rubs along quite happily sharing a house with his cantankerous father-in-law, Richard. 

But when Gus’s boss – played by Pegg – partners him up with newbie Elton, played by Samson Kayo, the two start an unlikely friendship that carries on outside of work and into Gus’s love of the paranormal.

The two quickly gather a rag tag group of helpers in the form of Elton's agoraphobic sister, Helen [Susie Wokoma], a young woman named Astrid [Emma D'Arcy], and cantankerous Richard. 

The five-some have to battle a series of quite scary (especially for a comedy) supernatural beings. 

There are moments that are genuinely haunting – such as in the episode involving a mysterious shortwave number and the whistling of The Lincolnshire Poacher.

If fans of Pegg and Frost are looking for a solid piece of horror this Halloween, it’s definitely worth streaming the first three episodes. 

However, given a choice it might be a better use of time to rewatch Shaun of the Dead.

Truth Seekers is available to watch on Amazon Prime, now.

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