TV legend Bobby Davro reveals he's taken a 'bounceback loan' after being left skint by jobs cancelled during pandemic

TV LEGEND Bobby Davro has revealed that he's had to take out a 'bounceback loan' after being left skint by jobs getting cancelled in the pandemic.

The veteran comedian admitted he was struggling to keep his "head above water" with live venues being shut for most of last year.

Like others in the entertainment field, Bobby, 62, saw previously scheduled work being cancelled as lockdown life has continued.

He explained how this resulted in him having to seek help to survive financially.

Bobby told the Daily Star: "There is no work. I only did four gigs last year.

"I can’t earn anything. I haven’t been able to earn money for a year. It’s dreadful.

"I had to take out a bounce-back loan to keep my head above water.

"But I’ve got to pay it back and how am I going to pay it back if I can’t earn a living?"

The TV star added: "People think if you’re a celebrity and you’re famous that you have got millions of pounds and you can survive.

"They think, ‘It’s all right for you, you’ve got so much money’.

"Well that’s not the case. It’s not the case at all.”

Bobby also reflected on how the lack of work over the past year had affected his mental health.

"It's depressing to have that taken away from you," said Bobby.

"I can't go out there and do what I love.

"We are all in the same boat – all the comedians, all the theatre actors and the hospitality industry.

"Sadly not everybody could be helped. I wish the government would do more."

And Bobby described the government's campaign which encouraged people in careers affected by the pandemic, to retrain, as "an insult".

The former Celebrity Big Brother star said: "It’s all I know. They say we can retrain. What an insult when I’ve done this for 45 years. Retrain at what? It’s all I know.

"I’m 62. I should think about retiring, not about starting again. I found that rather insulting."

Bobby is also currently mourning the death of his 95-year-old father Bill, after lockdown rules meant he could not visit him in his care home.

Bobby shared a photo of him beside his dad as they both wore blue suits.

He captioned the post: "Today I lost my best friend and my hero. The most wonderful human being I have ever known. I'm so proud of him.

"He was GB mile champion and represented his country in two Olympic games but to me he was just "Dad". I will miss him so very much and I will love him forever"

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