‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’: Fan Theories to Consider Before the Final Episodes

The Netflix Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One throws fans through a rollercoaster of emotions and questions. The K-drama has only a few episodes left, and fans are still in the dark about Kim Min-chae’s father and whether Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin stay together. There have been many theories, and Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 14 only complicated the storyline.

[Warning: The article contains spoiler information for Twenty-Five Twenty-One.]

Na Hee-do and Yi-jin are officially dating in the K-drama

At the stroke of midnight to the new Millenium, Hee-do kissed Yi-jin in episode twelve. But Yi-jin has trouble accepting her feelings now as a 20-year-old. By the end of the following episode, he decides to give in and explore their love. Fans thought they would finally get some answers to the K-drama’s mystery, but the ending to episode fourteen changed the story again.

The episode began with Min-chae unable to find her mother’s next diary. Needing answers, she looks up an interview Yi-jin did with Hee-do in 2009. The two characters pretend not to know each other, but their eyes hold intense emotion. After the events of the episode, the interview is revisited but with a surprise twist.

Yi-jin congratulated Hee-do on her third gold medal win while in San Francisco. They look happy for each other until Yi-jin drops the bombshell. He congratulates Hee-do on her marriage. The small new detail threw the fandom into a frenzy as it furthers the mystery and theories of whether or not they are together, Hee-do married someone else, and who Min-chae’s father is in Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

Fans theories speculate Yi-jin changed his surname to protect Hee-do and himself in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

Among the many theories about Twenty-Five Twenty-One, one often seen is the dilemma between Yi-jin’s surname and Min-chae’s. Throughout the drama, fans have questioned if he is her father, but many small details refute the theory.

Fans have noticed that Min-chae’s surname is Kim while Yi-jin’s is Baek. A simple detail has had many fans questioning if they really are father and daughter. Also, since the beginning of the K-drama, Min-chae had no idea what Yi-jin looked like until reading her mother’s diaries. If they were related, wouldn’t Min-chae recognize her own father?

One plausible theory has popped up as more Twenty-Five Twenty-One episodes have aired. Fans have seen how Yi-jin knowing Hee-do has affected his career as a news reporter. Fans speculate Yi-jin changed his name back to his real surname. Yi-jin might be adopted. In one episode, he has a conversation with his father. His father thanks Yi-jin for being his greatest consolation 10 years ago.

There is also the small detail of his father putting the company in his younger son’s name. Fans believe Yi-jin changed his name back to help him and Hee-do keep their relationship a secret from the public. One fan on Twitter also realized the K-drama’s poster of a fencing article was written by someone named Kim. A fan on Reddit believes they are married, and the reason why Min-chae cannot find any diaries is that they are stored away in their home. Min-chae likely has no idea her present father’s surname was Baek.

Theories suggest Min-chae is adopted due to an unexpected death in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’?

The theory of Yi-jin changing his name is one fans are clinging to. But there is still one problem. The theory is refutable, seeing as Min-chae did not know anything about Yi-jin in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Fans have another possible theory.

Some have speculated Min-chae might not be Hee-do and Yi-jin’s biological daughter. This would explain the difference in surname. But it still begs the question of who Min-chae belongs to. While watching the present scenes with an older Hee-do, there is a sad and emotional feeling when Min-chae tries to make her mother remember.

Could it be that Hee-do does not want to remember, like the beach trip, because someone from the friend group died? The theory speculates that Yoo-rim or Seung-wang died while Min-chae was a baby. This could explain why Min-chae knew nothing about Yi-jin in his youth.

There is another theory that would cause heartbreak to fans. One fan on Twitter raises the theory that Yi-jin died early. The year the fan uses in question is incorrect, as episode 14 shows he was alive in 2009. But one fan commented it is possible when Hee-do’s mother in the present said she saw Yi-jin. Hee-do looks emotional and shocked, leading fans to believe her mother was implying she visited his grave.

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