Vanderpump Rules' Brittany Cartwright shows off post-baby body just five weeks after giving birth to son Cruz

VANDERPUMP Rules' alum Brittany Cartwright showed off post-baby body.

Only about five weeks ago, she gave birth to her first child, a son Cruz.

Brittany said in her Instagram stories: "I'm a little over five weeks postpartum. Feeling good. Got a long ways to go. Can't wait to till I can work out at six weeks, but starting to feel like myself again. Not so sore and just loving my baby.

"So I think some of the craziest things about postpartum for me has been… He's smiling while he's eating. It's the cutest thing ever. Oh he's tooting too of course. But some of the craziest things about postpartum has been just like how long you bleed and how long you're sore for.

"Sorry if this is TMI for some of you. But I know there's a lot of new moms out there or a lot of pregnant moms following me. And it's just been a learning experience."

The new mom went on: "It's the happiest time of your life but nobody talks about what your body goes through, and it is very hard on your body. And I didn't realize how sore I was going to be or how long I was going to need to be in those ugly diapers and pads, even though it's all worth it. You really just have to push through those moments.

"I'm finally a little over five weeks postpartum and I'm starting to feel good. My soreness has gone down a lot.

"So hang in there new mommas. You got this. Nobody talks about these thing, but you're definitely going to go through them. But it's all worth it. Because these cuddles are the best things ever."

Brittany opened up about how she and and Jax conceived their newborn son on a houseboatin Kentucky.

She explained to Us Weekly series Moms Like Us: "We know exactly which time it was when I got pregnant. We were in Kentucky, helping my mom ’cause she got really sick this past year."

The new mom went on to detail how they rented an Airbnb the week that she was ovulating in order to get down to business in conceiving Cruz.

However, the romantic plan didn't go exactly to plan as they only had a small window of time to do the deed before checking out.

"Kristen Doute and Alex Menache were in town with us because we rented this house boat," Brittany continued. "They were at the Airbnb and they left to go to the airport and the maids were going to come into the Airbnb at 11.

"So after they left, I was like, ‘Come on!’ We had  to hurry before the maid got there. It was just not romantic at all. So, that’s how Cruz was conceived.”

Last month, the first-time-mom admitted she suffered through a 27-hour labor, as she "screamed in pain" during her son's birth.

The Vanderpump mom gave birth on April 12th and shared the news shortly after.

"It wasn't the easiest pregnancy for her but she powered through without any complaints. The respect and love I have for my wife has reached a new level and I am just in awe of her," Jax praised his wife.

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