Viewers horrified as Gregg Wallace ‘eats human steak’ in Black Mirror-style doc

Known for being a cheery judge on MasterChef, viewers were appalled to see beloved cook Gregg Wallace eating ‘human meat’ in The British Miracle Meat documentary on Channel 4.

After introducing himself as "the bald bloke off the telly", the documentary saw Gregg, 58, enter a factory where workers produced “engineered human meat” in water tanks.

Viewers were dumbfounded as they found out the secret Lincolnshire factory of Good Harvest was encouraging people to become a “meat donor” for cash.

Luckily the whole show was bogus. Viewers spotted Jonathan Swift, legendary satirist, in the credits proving the whole show to be nothing more than a successful media hoax.

In the show, Gregg met Gillian, a 67-year-old donor who had agreed to sell her flesh to cover two weeks of her energy bills to help her with the cost of living crisis.

In fact the draw of the documentary is that ‘human flesh’ is much cheaper than the animal alternative costing as low as 99p per steak.

“It may well be the meaty miracle we need to ease the squeeze of the cost of living,” remarked Gregg.

Gillian was concerned about the pain and confessed she wasn’t happy about donating. She said: “You know, there’s something wrong when you’ve got to jump on a bus and go and have some flesh scooped out of your arm for money.”

Gregg was joined by Michelin-star chef Michel Roux Jr on the show to do a blind taste test of three steaks.

The first one Michel said came with a strong flavour and Gregg then looked to see where it had come from “These Good Harvest steaks have been cultivated from Alison, 45 years old, NHS nurse, and part-time delivery driver." Before adding that’s why it was “stringy”.

There were mixed reviews of the satire as viewers took to Twitter in shock and awe.

One said: “I watched The British Miracle Meat on Ch4. It was genius to cast Gregg Wallace as presenter. Best thing he has ever done. But the comments! Oh the comments!”

Some didn’t realise the program was satire as one commented: “Well, Gregg Wallace being the face of cannibalism wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card…”

A third added: “Not a great fan but fair play to the guy for pulling this spoof off. This week, Channel 4 brought back satire with a bang.”

While there were plenty of complaints to Ofcom, Gregg responded in a statement saying, "Thank you for watching, I really enjoyed my first ever acting job.”

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