Walking Dead star Alanna Masterson teases show return

The Walking Dead: Dead City – Official teaser trailer

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Walking Dead star Alanna Masterson has been discussing a possible return to the world of the hit post-apocalyptic adventure series. Although the show has now ended there is numerous spin-off in the works. Her character, Tara Chambler, was killed off in the final episode and she confessed that’s all that would stop her from returning.

Tara was introduced into the show in season four and was the first character who identified as LGBT to be introduced in the series.

She was promoted to a series regular for the fifth season and was finally added to the main credits in the seventh season.

She played a pivotal role in the series finale although her character met a grisly end.

Her severed head was found by other characters on a pike.

This doesn’t seem to have deterred the actress though and she answered, “absolutely,” when asked if she would reprise the role during a talk with fans at Dublin Comic Con.

“Only the fact I’m dead I don’t think I’ll be returning…but if there was a flashback,” she teased.

 She also proposed another idea for a spin-off telling the audience.

“You know what would be really cool if there was an alternate universe episode where we all have office jobs. Somebody works in HR. We’re all fighting. I think it would be hysterical.”

Surprisingly, she also admitted that despite the fact that the programme was a global phenomenon she didn’t watch it herself.

Asked what she thought of the final episode she revealed: “I didn’t watch the show.

“But I did see the final episode,” she said, “because I went to the finale premiere, and I thought it was f*****g awesome.

“And I loved how…they really set up for all the spin-offs, which I think everybody loves and I think they’re really excited for.”

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One of the forthcoming spin-offs she referred to is The Walking Dead: Dead City, which focuses on the characters of Maggie (played by Lauran Cohen) and Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan).

While Alanna isn’t involved in the show she was able to tease the audience about it.

“They finished it. I was actually just with Lauren,” she revealed to gasps of excitement.

“We had dinner last week and she said it was really good.”

Meanwhile, Alanna’s next role is a million miles from the zombie drama.

She will voice a character in the stop-motion animation Gossamer, which sees her co-star opposite Forest Whitaker, Vera Farmiga, Thomasin McKenzie, and Richard E. Grant.

“I play a fairy named Marta,” she revealed, “and she’s – shocker – funny!”

Fans will have to wait to see her in the role though as it is yet to receive a release date.


The Walking Dead is available to watch on Disney+

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