WandaVision theories: Mysterious beekeeper uncovered as SWORD agent in major clue

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While WandaVision has been out for only a few hours, Twitter has been buzzing with fans sharing their reaction to the first episodes, sharing spoilers out of context and chatting about theories for the upcoming episodes. One character in particular has garnered a big deal of attention online – the beekeeper.

Appearing only for a few seconds at the end of episode two, this figure is shrouded in mystery.

As Wanda and Vision have been plagued by a banging noise from the start of the episode, they venture outside to investigate.

Down the road they see a manhole uncovering and a strange man in a beekeeper’s costume is climbing out.

There is not much to see of this man as his face is covered in shadows.

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But on the back of his suit, fans can clearly see a logo which eagle-eyed viewers will have already spotted throughout the first two episodes.

What fans are looking at is the logo of SWORD Sentient World Observation and Response Department) a sister organisation to SHIELD, which deals with extra-terrestrial threats.

But what would SWORD be doing in quiet suburban Westview? Something isn’t right in this neighbourhood.

From what the comics tell us about Wanda, fans can guess that she has probably suffered a sort of break from reality, likely brought on by Vision’s death at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

To shield herself from her grief, Wanda has created a world where she and Vision can continue living as the picture of the perfect couple.

However, it seems like Wanda might have sucked all of Westview into her fantasy.

As fans have seen at the end of episode one, someone is monitoring Wanda’s delusion and if viewers looked closely at the surrounding screens, they could have spotted SWORD’s logo there too.

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Fans know that someone from outside this shielded world is trying to reach in and get in contact with Wanda.

The voice that talked to her on the radio might also be an agent from SWORD trying to get in touch with her.

But how did the beekeeper from SWORD manage to reach her in her world?

The answer seems to lie with the third SWORD logo fans have seen so far, on the toy helicopter Wanda finds in the hedges.

What probably happened is that an agent from SWORD managed to crash into Westfield on a helicopter – which caused the banging the couple heard during the night at the start of episode two – and is roaming around the town is a hazmat suit, while his colleagues are trying to reach Wanda from the outside.

What fans are seeing is Wanda’s subconscious interpretation of these events.

As the season goes on, viewers are sure WandaVision will leave them with as many new questions as answers to what is happening to the superhero couple.

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