Was Rob inside Anthony’s body in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes has become popular across the globe since it arrived on Netflix earlier in 2021. The psychological thriller touches on some unique themes, including the concept of astral projection. Some fans believe Rob (played by Robert Aramayo) used astral projection to enter Anthony’s (Aston McAuley) body – but did he?

Was Rob inside Anthony’s body in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes tells the story of the toxic relationship between psychiatrist David (Tom Bateman) and his unstable wife, Adele (Eve Hewson).

David started an affair with his secretary, Louise (Simona Brown), and Adele befriended Louise to mess with her mind.

At the end of the series, fans discovered how Adele was actually her friend Rob, who had switched bodies with her.

He had used astral projection to enter Adele’s body and while her soul was in his body, he killed her.

While Rob had been Adele he later swapped bodies with Louise, ending her life by injecting her with a heroin overdose.

Fans believe Rob had also inhabited the body of mysterious heroin addict, Anthony, who becomes David’s patient.

Anthony was introduced as a nervous teen who did not believe he had an addiction problem, even though his parents were concerned about him.

He later showed up unannounced at the clinic, demanding to see David, and he was aggressive towards Louise.

This may have seemed rather out of character for Anthony, and some fans have suggested it was actually Rob who had taken over his physical form.

Rob was known to be a heroin addict, so it would make sense for him to embody someone like Anthony.

One Reddit user said: “Just an idea… I think maybe Rob-Adele was projecting into Anthony’s body when he was on heroin, as heroin can sort of give you an out of body experience as well, and can damage your spirit.

“You know when you’re really wasted on alcohol or whatever drug and you lose time and forget you’ve done stuff?

“Maybe your spirit/soul goes on the loose and you have less control over your body spiritually. There’s actually a religious theory relating to alcohol abuse that says that alcohol removes your spirit from your body, so I’m guessing heroin is the same.”

They went on to say how “random” it was that Anthony would just show up out of nowhere.

He also developed an obsession with David, just like Rob had, and fans believe this theory stacks up.

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One viewer has pointed out how Anthony plays a bigger role in the books, as his obsession with David grows.

They said: “I agree, he is kind of a random character. But apparently he plays a bigger role in the book…maybe they just wanted to include him to show respect to the book lol idk. But your theory is very interesting and makes a lot of sense.” (Sic).

In the series, Anthony turned up at David’s house, so he must have located the means to track down his therapist.

He ended up speaking to Adele, who tried to convince him David had hurt her, and she used Anthony to get back at David.

As Anthony and Adele (or Rob) were in the same scene together, it is difficult to say whether Rob had used Anthony’s body as a vessel at some stage.

Nothing is impossible in this series, and fans are keen to find out if the idea of astral projection will ever be explored further.

Adele managed to convince Anthony to find heroin for her, which she presumably then used to kill Louise.

After this, Anthony was not seen again, so viewers are interested to hear what happened to him in the end.

In the final moments, Rob transferred into Louise’s body so she could return to David and eventually marry him.

Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howitt) already suspects something is amiss about his mother, and he is definitely not wrong.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now

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