Waste of time! Sally Nugent slammed for not challenging Rees-Mogg

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Jacob Rees-Mogg joined Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday to discuss the mini budget’s impact on the UK economy. He was grilled on new figures that revealed the UK’s economy shrank by 0.3 percent in August but BBC Breakfast viewers felt Nugent did not “challenge” the Tory MP when he denied the Government was to blame for the economic crisis.

Ken Chisholm tweeted: “That interview with [Rees-Mogg] was a waste of EVERYONE’S time #BBCBreakfast.”

Simon Lawrence questioned: “Why on earth did the BBC ask Sally Nugent to do this interview? She just read out pre written questions and didn’t challenge him on any of his answers. 

“Why not get someone who does business and economy for a living to do it? Easy ride.”

“Cannot believe that feckless toff @Jacob_Rees_Mogg is on @BBCBreakfast blaming the pension providers for recent poor performance of pension funds, not the governments recent run of form with the economy,” Mark Elvin exclaimed. 

“#BBCBreakfast what was that interview with Jacob rees mogg – letting him get away with his sophistry, talk his absolute b******e about fantasy growth and nothing about the impact on ordinary people,” Barbara Bellis said.

John Maxwell added: “The absolute state of #bbcbreakfast & Sally Nugent #fluffing Rees-Mogg & calling it an interview. Pathetic. Why bother even getting him on? Another, unchallenged broadcast by the Tory party.”

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