Watch Adam Sandler deliver Chris Farley tribute song in emotional SNL video

On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, former cast member Adam Sandler hosted. His most heartfelt skit of the night involved no other cast members but instead, he paid tribute to the late Chris Farley at the show’s close.

The Adam Sandler Chris Farley tribute song is now making the rounds as viewers who missed it are seeing what all the buzz is about.

Sandler’s Chris Farley song brings laughs, tears

During the nearly five minute song, highlights are shown on a large screen behind Sandler. They display everything from former sketch characters to movie scenes and family photos. Sandler touches on things like Tommy Boy, the guy “living in a van down by the river” and more.

He sings humorous lines such as, “Yeah I miss hangin’ out watching you try to get laid, but most of all I miss watching you torture [David] Spade.”

He also mentions trying to tell Farley to slow down so he wouldn’t end up like Belushi or Candy. However, Farley called that “fine and dandy” as he idolized both SNL alumni who passed away before age 44. John Belushi died from drug use at age 33, while John Candy suffered a heart attack at 43.

Check out the full Adam Sandler tribute song to the late Chris Farley in the SNL video below.

Sandler’s tribute previously released

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live was telecast on May 4, 2019, on NBC.

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