Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega had to retake scene after co-star made her cr

Wednesday: Netflix announces second season of hit show

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Actress Jenna Ortega was the lead star of Netflix’s horror-comedy Wednesday and the young actress left a long-lasting impression on fans after the show became a huge hit around the world. However, Ortega wasn’t the only star to capture fans’ hearts, as Victor Dorobantu gave his hand at pulling the heartstrings of viewers – quite literally. 

Although fans might not recognise Dorobantu’s face, they will recognise his hand as he reprised the role of Thing, Wednesday’s disembodied relative and closest companion. 

Thing is the only member of the  Addams family that keeps Wednesday company during her days at Nevermore Academy.

During one scene involving Wednesday and Thing, Dorobantu emoted his part so well that it brought Ortega to real-life tears, forcing her to re-do the scene.

Ortega appeared on an episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones where she spoke with host Sean Evans about all things Wednesday.

Evans asked: “What was the most creative or memorable way that you saw him [Victor Dorobantu] tap into the creative depth of that character using only his hand?”

Ortega responded by recalling the sweet moment on set where Dorobantu comforted her in the one and only scene, during the series, where her character Wednesday cries. 

She explained: “Oh it was actually that Thing-operating-room scene, where they weren’t on him, but they were shooting my coverage and it’s the first and only time Wednesday cries.

“And I want to reach my hand out to him and he pet my hand,” the actress continued before then stroking her own hand to show Evans how the sweet moment unfolded.

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The star continued: “He was like comforting me and I actually started crying. Like I restarted the line because it made me sad.

“And we just laughed and that was like a real bonding moment for victor and I.”

Ortega went on to praise her co-star for the lengths he went to excellently portray Thing.

She explained: “But kudos to him because they had him in all kinds of crazy positions.”

Dorobantu found the emotional scene challenging too, as the Thing actor explained how it was difficult to depict highly emotional scenes with the only tool being his hand. 

Speaking with Slate, the actor recalled: “My favourite scene is the one where Thing is with Wednesday and Fester — I’m not spoiling everything, but you know what I’m talking about. 

“That’s my favourite scene because Thing really tried to give everything a hand can give. 

“Being woken up after a near-death experience, it’s very hard to act [that out] without a whole body, you know? That’s my favourite because all my friends told me that they cried at that scene.”

During the interview, the Thing actor also explained how he and Ortega created a scuba-diver-like form of communication to be able to talk to each other on the set of Wednesday. 

Dorobantu explained: “We were trying to find ways to communicate. We were trying to find signs that scuba divers use, also Marine Corps and stuff like that. 

“So we tried to just mix all of that together for 50 percent. The rest of the 50 percent was improvisation. I was trying to react to [Ortega’s] lines and to her expressions, and I was trying to disconnect from my body.”

Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix in the UK.

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