Where is Bargain Hunts Anita Manning from?

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Bargain Hunt airs every weekday on BBC One, entertaining fans with the discovery of treasures and competition between the blue and red teams. Along with the contestants themselves, it is the presenters and experts who make the series that extra special. One of which is 74-year-old Anita Manning who is a firm favourite among the cast.

Anita Manning has been part of the Bargain Hunt team since 2010, the same year she joined the cast of Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip.

She first got into the antique trade in the 1970s after buying a bed from an Irish dealer who then offered her a job as a buyer.

This was the catalyst for her career in antiques which she has had a passion for since she was young.

Over the years, Anita has moved up in the trade and is now well-respected in the industry.

Where is Bargain Hunt’s Anita Manning from?

The Bargain Hunt star Anita was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and still lives there today.

While she does have to travel around the country for the show, she always returns to the city.

Anita’s mum lived in Australia for the last 35 years of her life and her son Luke Manning resides in Hong Kong.

Whereas her daughter Lala has stayed a lot closer to her home.

In fact, Anita and Lala are actually business partners, running an auction house in Glasgow.

Anita told the BBC: “I did not start my working life aiming to be an auctioneer or be involved in the antiques trade (in fact sometimes I still wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up).

“But fate put the opportunity in my path and being an adventurous sort of gal I changed direction and set up Great Western Auctions with my daughter Lala in Glasgow in 1989, becoming one of Scotland’s first woman auctioneers.

“I am so glad I did because I have the best job in the world and it has been a continual joy to handle wonderful objects on a daily basis and investigate their place in history.”

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As well as living in Glasgow, Anita’s speciality at work also has to do with where she is from.

She is an expert on paintings and particularly has a love of 20th Century Scottish contemporary artists.

So she is always at hand to give the red and blue teams vital information on the artwork of this type whenever it arises on the show.

Her expertise helped the veteran presenter make an astonishing record on Bargain Hunt’s sister show.

In 2016 on Antiques Road Trip, Anita set a new record for the largest profit on a single item.

The item was a Buddha statue which had been purchased for just £50.

When it came to auction, the statue was sold at £3,800, which meant a 7,500 per cent profit.

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on weekdays at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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