Who died in All Creatures Great and Small episode 3? Who was Billy?

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All Creatures Great and Small’s Channel 5 reboot is well underway with its second season now airing. On Thursday, evening the latest instalment aired and it was clear to see the growing romance between James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) and Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton). But it was difficult to feel the love when there was someone else mourning their own loved one.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from All Creatures Great and Small.

Who died in All Creatures Great and Small episode 3?

While James and Helen were keen to get closer to one another, it wasn’t easy knowing that another was suffering so close by.

Mrs Dalby, a young widow in Darrowby, was struggling to get used to her new life without her husband Billy.

This was clear for everyone to see but while others felt she should have left the village to find herself a new man, she decided to stay.

Mrs Dalby was determined to carry on running both the farm and the house with little to no help.

Billy Dalby was one of the local families in Darrowby who used to be a client of James’.

He would tend to their sheep whenever they were poorly and so mostly only knew the Dalby family professionally.

In the book series of All Great Creatures Great and Small, Herriot wrote: “It had all started with the death of Billy Dalby; big slow-smiling, slow-talking Billy.

“He was as strong and tough as any of the shaggy beasts that ranged the fields but he had just melted away in a few weeks.

“Cancer of the pancreas they said it was and Billy was gone before anybody could realise it and there was only his picture smiling down from the kitchen mantlepiece on his wife and three young children.”

Herriot continued: “Billy died in the spring and as everybody waited for Mrs Dalby to make arrangements for the sale she went right on with the running of the farm.

“She did it with the help of a big farmworker called Charlie who had helped Billy occasionally but now came full time.”

But with James and the rest of the community close at hand, Mrs Dalby should be alright to carry on how she is.

Already, the heartwarming drama is midway through its second season.

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All Creatures Great and Small aired its third episode of series two on Thursday evening on Channel 5.

Much like season one, its second outing is going to be made up of six episodes.

There will also be an additional stand-alone Christmas special which will air later this year.

As of yet, there has been no further talk about the show’s future.

Channel 5 has not yet announced if All Creatures Great and Small will get another series.

There is no confirmation of a third season so its future is still uncertain.

But giving the popularity of the period drama, it does seem unlikely the channel would choose to cancel it any time soon.

All Creatures Great and Small is available to watch every Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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