Who inherits the Featherington Estate? Bridgerton ending explained

BRIDGERTON has had fans hooked with its tale of the scandalous lives of high society.

Season 1 left us with an almighty cliffhanger – who is the heir to the Featherington Estate?

WARNING: Contains MAJOR spoilers from Bridgerton season one.

Who inherits the Featherington Estate?

Bridgerton season 1 ended with the twist of who is the mysterious heir to the Featherington estate, after it was revealed that Baron Featherington had been killed.

Following her husband's death, Lady Portia Featherington asked her servant Mrs Varley to find out who will inherit the family's fortune.

The maid then produced a piece of paper and said to her mistress: "Oh, we located him, ma’am. The man who will inherit the Featherington Estate. Only – well – look.”

The name is written on a bit of paper, but while it's clearly meaningful to both Lady Featherington and Mrs Varley, viewers aren't clued in to the identity of the heir.

How does Bridgerton season 1 end?

As mentioned, events took a dark turn in the season finale when Lord Featherington was murdered for rigging a boxing match.

In happier news Daphne Bridgerton and her new husband the Duke of Hastings welcomed their first child, despite him being previously determined to never have any children.

And of course the most important thing was gossip writer Lady Whistledown was unveiled as Penelope Featherington.

However, her readers are still none-the-wiser to her identity – the big reveal was for just us viewers.

Will there be a season 2 of Bridgerton?

Bridgerton has been a massive hit for Netflix since the Shonda Rhimes-produced romance series dropped on the site.

But, despite the show's popularity, it has yet to be renewed for season two.

However, fans think it will be back as the show is based on a series of books – and is just the first one of eight.

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