Who is Freda in Coronation Street as she returns with an urn and no Norris Cole?

Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) is due back to Coronation Street any day now… But of course there will be a mix-up in the process.

There is a huge misunderstanding, as Freda (Ali Briggs) turns up at No. 3 without Norris.

Mary (Patti Clare) sees Freda in their house with an urn of ashes and a photo of the Kabin owner, after Freda says to her that Norris has asked her to sell the house.

It puts Mary into defence mode, and she is sure that Freda has done away with her friend (and husband), with a fight ensuing. Thankfully Norris pulls up shortly after so it call all be broken up, but Mary is still left wondering what’s going on.

But who is Freda, and why is she so keen to get her claws into Norris?

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Freda in Weatherfield, as she is Emily Bishop’s niece.

She initially disliked Norris (he is an acquired taste) but gradually formed a bond with him and they became close.

Freda and Norris’ joint dislike of his brother Ramsay was partly what brought them together, but their joint £1,000 competition win was likely also to do with it.

Later on in the soap, Freda moved to Edinburgh, with Emily following to look after her as she was ill.

It appears that when Norris joined them is when they’ve struck up a relationship, and Norris is now going to ask Mary for a divorce so he can marry Freda instead.

It’s not like Mary to take suspicious behaviour lying down, so whether everything goes ahead is still to be seen.

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