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LILY Slater's pregnancy story line has kept us all on our toes as we have asked who the father of her baby is.

But many have also been left wondering about the rest of her family – so who is Lily Slater's dad and what do we know about him?

Who is Lily Slater in EastEnders?

Lily Slater is the daughter of Stacey Slater.

She was raised by Stacey and her ex-husband Martin Fowler, who she referred to as Dad.

She is the older sister of Arthur and Hope.

Lily discovered she was pregnant at twelve years old after being hospitalised for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Social services became involved in the case after suspecting Lily may have been groomed.

After refusing to tell them the circumstances of her pregnancy, social services told Stacey that Lily may go into care.

Worried about this, Lily told Stacey that Ricky Mitchell was the father of her child.

Lily didn't want anyone to know as he wasn't her boyfriend and they only had sex once.

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However, the police stated they needed to talk to Ricky, leading Lily to tell Ricky about her pregnancy.

Ricky was shocked but he decided to support Lily.

However, his father, Jack Branning, was furious and attempted to scare Lily into getting an abortion.

Lily told Stacey about the conversation, who later banned Jack from having anything to do with the baby.

At the gender reveal, both families decided to put their differences aside as it was revealed Lily and Ricky are having a girl.

Who is Lily Slater's dad in EastEnders?

Lily was conceived in September 2009 after Stacey slept with Ryan Malloy.

However, at a similar time Stacey was assaulted by Archie Mitchell, and was later sectioned.

When she returned to Walford she reconciled with ex-husband Bradley Branning and told him she's pregnant.

He was overjoyed until Stacey stated she was three months pregnant, meaning the baby couldn't have been his.

She admitted Archie raped her and Bradley vowed to raise the baby with her, but he later passed away.

However, Ronnie Mitchell informed Stacey that Archie was sterile, which led her to realise Ryan was the father.

Who is Ryan Malloy in EastEnders?

Ryan Malloy is the son of Debra Dean.

Debra walked out on Ryan and he was raised by his alcoholic father.

He later tracked down Debra after his father passed away.

Ryan later married Janine and was told by Stacey that he is Lily's father after he rescued them both from a fire at the Queen Vic pub.

Stacey offered for Ryan to hold Lily whilst they were recovering at the hospital but he declined and went on his honeymoon with Janine.

After discovering Ryan is Lily's father, Janine reported Stacey to social services which led to Stacey attacking her.

Stacey had Lily's birth certificate changed so Ryan's name was on it, but in trying to get Stacey out of her life, Janine kidnapped Lily and travelled towards France.

Ryan found Lily and asks Janine to stop, which she did on a level crossing, unable to get the car to start.

After Ryan got Lily out of the car, Janine was able to start the car and narrowly avoided getting hit.

Stacey and Ryan later began an affair and after discovering the affair, Janine tried to poison Ryan with pills.

After Ryan publicly declared he was in love with Stacey, Janine discovered Stacey killed Archie after receiving a taped confession from Lauren Branning.

The tape was wiped but Janine revealed the truth, however, Ryan still wanted to be with Stacey and the two planned to flee.

Janine stabbed herself in an attempt to frame Stacey.

Ryan was unable to forgive Janine for what she had done and removed her oxygen tubes.

However, Pat discovered this and told Ryan to end the feud.

Is Bradley Branning Lily's dad in EastEnders?

Bradley Branning was the son of Max and Rachel Branning.

He was married to Stacey Slater but was not Lily's biological father.

Bradley died after he admitted he killed Archie, but it was later discovered it was actually Stacey who killed Archie.

The two planned to go on the run but Becca Swanson called the police, telling them where Bradley was.

They attempt to flee the square but Bradley was killed after attempting to scale the Queen Vic and falling off.

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Who is Lily Slater's mum in EastEnders?

Stacey Slater is the daughter of Brian and Jean Slater.

Her brother was Sean and she had three children: Lily, Arthur and Hope.

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