Who is The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong?

KEN Jeong has given his verdict on mystery celebs on both sides of the Atlantic, having appeared as a judge on the UK and the US editions of The Masked Singer.

The multi talented star has also tried his hand at acting, comedy and writing – all whilst being a qualified Doctor!

Who is Ken Jeong?

Ken Jeong is a successful stand-up comedian, television personality and The Masked Singer judge.

He's also enjoyed an acting career and is a fully licensed physician.

The Korean-American star was born in July 1969 in Detroit, Michigan but was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Ken Jeong is a judge on The Masked Singer US and appeared on the first series of The Masked Singer UK in 2020, but hasn't returned to the show since – reportedly due to travel restrictions.

What kind of Doctor is Ken Jeong?

Ken Jeong studied at Duke University before heading to the University of North Carolina medical school, becoming a fully qualified medical doctor in 1995.

The star continued to practice medicine for several years after graduation – even whilst simultaneously pursuing a career in showbiz – until 2006, when he decided to become a full time entertainer.

However, he has maintained his medical license and has reportedly assisted with medical problems and emergencies on set.

What TV shows and movies has Ken Jeong starred in?

Ken Jeong started his career in showbiz with several small comedy parts in shows including The Office, Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

He made his big screen debut in 2004's Knocked Up opposite Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, in which he appropriately played a Doctor.

Jeong would go on to star in other big screen blockbusters including The Hangover franchise, Step Brothers and Pineapple Express.

In 2018, the star would appear as a panelist on the US version of The Masked Singer, before joining the UK panel as a permanent judge for its' first series.

Despite still being a judge on the US version, Ken departed the UK show after just one series.

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Is Ken Jeong married and does he have kids?

Ken Jeong married his wife, Tran Jeong Ho, in 2004.

Tran Jeong Ho, who is Vietnamese-American, is also a qualified physician and breast cancer survivor – something husband Ken shared in a heartfelt mother's day article written in 2011.

The pair welcomed twin girls, Alexa and Zooey, in 2007 and the family is currently based in Calabasas, California.

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