Who Wants To Be A Millionaire player ‘silences’ Jeremy Clarkson with savage dig

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Jeremy Clarkson got snappy with contestant Bhupinder on Sunday evening's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, trying to hurry her along in the competition.

However, lawyer Bhupinder one-upped the WWTBAM host and made him quieten down with some clever rebuttal.

It all kicked off when a question about "Luddites" popped up on the screen, reading: "The term Luddite originally applied to disgruntled workers in which industry?"

Four answers were listed below – farming, mining, textile or ceramics.

Bhupinder had an inkling the correct answer was B, mining, but she wasn't certain and spent a minute or two thinking over the answer before delivering her final decision.

Unfortunately, Jeremy grew impatient and started spinning his swivel chair around in circles out of boredom.

He then interrupted Bhupinder's thought process by remarking: "There's no rush… apart from the lifespan of the average human."

Bhupinder immediately snapped back, cleverly reminding Jezza he is meant to be quiet while the contestants weigh up their options.

She quipped: "There's supposed to be silence though?"

Accepting he was in the wrong, he replied: "Right."

The audience burst out laughing around them, delighted Bhupinder had called him out for interrupting her on the show.

Jeremy then tried to suggest the audience had been the noisy ones and exclaimed: "Quiet everybody, please! Thinking is happening.

"Primetime television thinking, there it is."

Laughing, Bhupinder replied: "Exactly!"

Jeremy encouraged Bhupinder to use one of her remaining lifelines to help make the decision, but she decided to go with her gut instinct.

Delivering her final answer, she told Jezza: "I'm going to go with B, mining."

Sadly, the answer was incorrect, as Jeremy revealed option C, textile, was the solution to the tricky quiz question.

Disappointed to leave with just £1,000 to her name, Bhupinder admitted she ought to have used one of her lifelines to help make it through to the next stage of the game show.

Jeremy agreed, and remarked: "You should have done! That's what there they’re for."

Viewers were sad to see Bhupinder go, as they took to Twitter to praise her courage in taking risks with her answers.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire continues next Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

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