Why did Coronation Street's Alan Halsall and Lucy-Jo Hudson split and are they actually divorced?

LUCY-Jo Hudson and Alan Halsall appeared to be a match made in heaven when they first kicked off their romance in 2002, right after having met on Coronation Street.

Their shocking split in 2018 devastated fans, who had considered the two as soap’s most enduring off-screen couple in years. But what caused the break-up, how many kids do they share, did they get married and who are they dating now? Let’s find out….

Why did they break up?

Alan Halsall was said to have called it quits with his long-term partner, Lucy-Jo Hudson.

And while it was never said as to why the couple decided to part ways from one another, sources revealed that the showbiz stars were still hoping to remain friendly with one another.

Their marriage had been struggling for quite some time.

Prior to their split in May 2018, the pair had previously decided to end their marriage in March 2016 but found themselves rekindling their love for one another just months later.

It’s believed that the romance had lost its spark over time.

A source told The Sun: “It’s very amicable but they’ve decided to go their separate ways.

“Alan’s been joking that he’s having a mid-life crisis and he went and treated himself to a brand new car five days ago. It’s a difficult time for both of them.

“They’re devastated the marriage is over but have vowed to stay friends. They still really care for each other.”

Were they married and how many kids do they have?

Yes, Lucy-Jo and Alan were married.

They first met while on the set of Coronation Street back in 2002, but it wouldn’t be until 2009 until the couple would make the move to tie the knot together.

Later on, their marriage would see them welcome a five-year-old daughter named Sienna-Rae.

Both parents share custody of the child, and given that they had planned to remain on good terms after their split, it would seem that the same applies when it comes to parenting their child together.

Following their split announcement, Lucy revealed: "I can confirm Al and I are in the process of divorcing. We remain friends and devoted Mummy and Daddy to our daughter Sienna."

Who are they dating now?

Lucy-Jo has been in a committed relationship with Lewis Devine, who played her title character’s best mate Muddles in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs last year.

The two initially became very good friends after their run at the Theatre Royal in St Helens, Merseyside together.

“Lucy-Jo and Lewis shared an instant ­chemistry, but obviously she was married and didn’t act on it,” a source gushed.

“After trying for months, she and Alan called time on their marriage and something slowly developed with Lewis.”
It wasn’t long, however, before Lucy-Jo knew that Lewis was going to be the one.

In fact, she was so sure about her relationship with him that, just months into the romance, she had made the decision to introduce her man to Sienna-Rae.

Alan was said to have felt hurt by the news of his ex-wife’s relationship with Lewis seeing that he had also been friends with the entertainer prior to his split with Lucy-Jo.

An insider at the time said that Alan wasn’t all that happy with the news concerning his ex-partner’s new man, but it hasn’t stopped him from finding happiness of his own.

“They used to muck around backstage together, and at one point Lewis even changed his Facebook profile picture to one of the three of them and the couple’s daughter Sienna.

"So Alan feels like a bit of a mug. He is gutted.”

Alan has since moved on with former co-star Tisha Merry.


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The two left fans speculating whether they were a couple, which initially started off as a rumor in January 2019.

It wasn’t until Sam Aston’s wedding to Brony Garner that Alan would confirm the endearing news via social media about his own love life.

In the caption of the photo – which sees the actor and Tisha looking rather cozy together – Alan wrote: “Congratulations Mr & Mrs Aston. What a wonderful day, we’re so proud to be part of it”.

Tisha then commented with a response of her own under the photo, writing: ‘You’re not a bad +1 I suppose”.

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