Why did Jay Blades set up his Yorkshire Workshop?

Jay Blades confirms there will be another series of The Repair Shop

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Jay Blades has found massive success through his BBC series The Repair Shop. The star is hoping to capture some of the same success in his new series, Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop. Premiering last week, it already looks to be a hit with viewers as Blades opens the doors of his workshop for industry experts and local woodworkers alike.

Why did Jay Blades set up his Yorkshire Workshop?

The Repair Shop fans will know Blades best for his restoration work seen in the series, but the star is creating his own items in Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop.

Blades created the new series after having dealt with his own struggles in life, using the series to give back to the community.  

The presenter feels indebted to the people that have helped him throughout his life, particularly those who aided him in getting back on his feet.

Blades lost everything when his charity, Out of the Dark, lost finding, having been set up to train disadvantaged young people in furniture restoration.   

After its funding was pulled, Blades’ marriage broke down, leading to him becoming homeless.

He was then supported by friends and the Caribbean community around his local area, before TV producers saw a short film about his charity, leading him to be the presenter he is today.

In Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, the series host has found deserving members of the community who have helped someone else.

In turn, Blades is helping them by teaching them the various woodworking skills the star is now known for.

In the series, Blades explains: “Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop is a place which changes lives. I’ve set it up because I believe everybody can achieve something they don’t believe they can achieve.

“Imagine having the confidence to achieve anything with regards to making.

“That’s what the show’s about, as well as celebrating the uncelebrated. We want to give back and say thank you.”

The show will be a six-part mini-series, with each episode focusing on different recipients.

The pilot episode dropped last week and has already proved to be a success.

Taking place in Bradford, Blades’ new workshop is housed in the middle of the city.

Blades is keen to keep in touch with his fans, taking to Twitter to ask what they thought of the new series.

The star wrote: “The team from #JaysYorkshireWorkshop wanted to know what you thought of our 1st show on @BBCTwo last night, please?”

Viewers are clearly enjoying the new series, with many of them praising the show in the comments.

One fan replied: “Fantastic viewing, look forward to seeing everyone’s skills grow.  All the recipients were truly deserving.”

Another added: “Very enjoyable. It was lovely to hear the background of the people taking part as well as the recipients of the items.”

A third commented: “Jay, you’ve created another heart-warming and very interesting winner. In fact, you’re making winners both in the teams and the recipients of your fantastic creations. Well done to all involved.” (sic)

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop runs weekly on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, with episodes airing Wednesdays at 9pm. 

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