Why? Soccer Aid fans distracted by Robbie Williams appearance Looks different!

Soccer Aid: Robbie Williams reflects on first match in 2006

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Soccer Aid is back on ITV and is once again raising money for the global charity UNICEF, with a football match between England and World XI. Last year, the latter won, with the final score ending up as 3-0. The celebrity players are definitely feeling the pressure to win and excitement was rising in the build-up, but singer Robbie Wiliams, who initiated the charity event in 2006, left fans distracted when he appeared on screen.

Keeping viewers updated with the latest from Soccer Aid are presenters Dermot O’Leary and former Arsenal and England right-back, Alex Scott.

At one point, Dermot chatted to former Take That star Robbie, and viewers were divided on his look.

The 48-year-old sported a loud shirt and had slicked back his graying hair.

It didn’t take long for fans and Soccer Aid viewers to comment on his “different” look.

Twitter user @KCooper_ asked: “Why does Robbie Williams not look like Robbie Williams? #SoccerAid.”

@TellyChat_ echoed this, writing: “Robbie Williams looks different…#SoccerAid.”

“Robbie Williams is starting to look like Morrissey and that’s not a bad thing  #socceraid,” NolaHammers penned.

@jamesash89 joked: “Can someone tell Robbie Williams that 2004 wants its haircut back? #SoccerAid.”

@seaned75 shared: “Robbie Williams looks weird #SoccerAid.”

However, others completely disagreed with the last comment, with many going “berserk” over how “good” the singer looked.

@scousekaren76 posted: “@robbiewilliams looking mighty fine tonight on #SoccerAid.”

@Seanmizen1 admitted: “Sat with the Mrs watching #SoccerAid and she’s just gone berserk because @robbiewilliams is on the telly! #crazychick #CalmdownKel.”

“Robbie Williams looking good with grey hair… #SoccerAid,” swooned @teenamassam

“It’s still going, 11th Soccer Aid!” Dermot told Robbie. “I mean, it’s extraordinary!

“Every single year the fundraising seems to go up and the level of generosity and people behind it just seems to get better and better.”

“It’s actually just become a bonafide, massive real deal thing,” the Angels singer replied.

“You know, I come home, switch the television on and whatever TV show is on, even Naked Attraction – there was a Soccer Aid for Naked Attraction.

“There’s always like a Soccer Aid imprint at the top, raising money.

“And whatever channel you’re on it’s just absolutely incredible, it gets bigger and bigger and better and better.”

“That must make you very proud,” Dermot commented. “2006 you set up the first one, and did you in your wildest dreams think it was going to be this successful?”

“Dude, I only thought they’d do it once!” Robbie admitted. “Really, I thought this’ll be a laugh when the football’s off in the middle of summer.

“And then here we are, however many years later, and like I say it keeps getting bigger and it keeps getting better.”

Soccer Aid is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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