Willow from Buffy: How did Alyson Hannigan feel about the Willow and Tara relationship?

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Willow Rosenberg (played by Alyson Hannigan) was the best friend of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s title character Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar). She was known for being incredibly smart and a little quirky and towards the start of the series, she was in a relationship with werewolf Oz (Seth Green). But once Oz had left, she started developing feelings for witch Tara Maclay (Amber Benson) and they had one of the most iconic TV relationships.

How did Alyson Hannigan feel about the Willow and Tara relationship?

Willow Rosenberg has always underestimated her strengths, but she was one of the most integral characters in the series.

Willow was one of Buffy’s first friends when she moved to Sunnydale, and she was introduced as a shy and nerdy character.

As the series progressed she learned to embrace her magical abilities and started practising witchcraft, but it set her down a dark path as she started to depend on her magic.

She ended up becoming the show’s main antagonist in season six, following the death of her girlfriend Tara, as she threatened to end humanity in a fit of rage.

After she was rescued by Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), she set herself on a path to redemption and promised to only use magic for good, not evil.

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Willow had turned to dark magic following Tara’s tragic death, after she was mistakenly shot by Warren (Adam Busch) who had intended to kill Buffy.

Heartbroken over the sudden loss of her girlfriend, she was determined to make Warren pay and it was the first time she had willingly tried to end a human life.

Her romantic relationship with Tara was iconic in the series and their characters were one of the first lesbian couples on US television.

Back in 2017, actress Hannigan spoke in a video interview with People about the Willow and Tara relationship, saying: “To see somebody they have been watching for so many years get to not feel so alone, it was such a gift to be able to be part of that.”

Tara’s death was important to the show as it marked the start of Willow’s addiction to magic.

The show’s creator, Joss Whedon, explained how Tara had become a part of the narrative as he wanted something huge to follow Willow’s break-up with Oz.

He said: “That was an important thing for people to see, but I wasn’t thinking about them. As much as I wanted to make a feminist show I really missed a lot of what was going to be important about the show.”

Actress Benson said she and Hannigan had received a lot of fan mail from young people who had been feeling isolated regarding their sexuality.

She said the fact their characters were accepted by their peers “changed the game” for people in same-sex relationships.

When Tara died, fans recognised how Willow had lost the most important person to her, and she would inevitably seek vengeance.

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Fans commented on the video interview saying they missed the Tara and Willow relationship, with one saying: “To me, Willow & Tara is the best love story of all time.”

Another fan said: “Amber and Alli are still so gorgeous. Tara’s death and Joyce’s death were the two most devastating things to endure as a fan of the show. I loved Tara so much! I loved her calmness, her delicate beauty. She and Willow had great chemistry. I sobbed.”

Tara appeared in the shows opening credits once, ahead of her final episode, and fans admired the production team for thanking her for her contribution to the series.

Actress Benson said she had responded positively to the news that her character was being killed off, as it marked the start of a new journey for Willow.

Rosenberg joked at how the creators of the series had told Benson there was “exciting news” about her character. 

She said they “might want to rephrase” the way they approached the news, as it was a sad moment for both actresses. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts over the Willow and Tara relationship, with one saying: “Guys I just finished Buffy season 6 for the first time and it hurt so much.”

Both actresses have said Tara’s death was not intended to upset anyone, and they saw it as a positive step. 

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