Youre making me nervous! BBC Breakfasts Sally Nugent apologises to Louise Minchin

BBC Breakfast: Louise tells Sally she's 'making her nervous'

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Speaking live from Wembley about tonight’s Euro 2020 England match against Denmark, BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent told Louise and co-host Charlie Slayt to think about the atmosphere expected tonight. But it was a bit too much for BBC presenter Louise, who didn’t want to be made to feel more nervous than she was, and Sally apologised.

Sally, reporting from the stadium, said: “I have to say, guys, just remember tonight. Because watching last night – gosh the atmosphere was amazing.

“But think about tonight though; England v Denmark, and the only people who are allowed in here are the people who live in this country already.

“So just imagine the support and that wall of noise for England – it’s going to be mad.”

Cutting back to the studio, Louise looked edgy as she laughed.

“It really is,” she said. “You’re making me nervous. As you say we’ve got a very long wait.”

Sally cut in to reply: “Oh, sorry,” as Louise went on: “We’ve got a very long day ahead of us.”

It comes as tension builds for Wednesday’s game, which kicks off at 8pm.

Fans were delighted last week as England beat Ukraine 4 – 0, and pressure is now mounting ahead of the next match, which would bring the team into the finals.

Talking earlier in the show about last night’s Italy v Spain match, Louise said: “Last night was really dramatic, it kept me up way too late, Sally.”

“I know,” Sally replied. “There was far too much adrenaline after that match last night, it was absolutely bonkers.

“And actually, if you look at the game you’d say that Spain played better than expected and Italy perhaps weren’t quite so great after all.

“But here we are this morning, we’ve got a long day to get through haven’t we?”


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She continued: “We’ve got to try and keep calm until tonight. Because tonight is the night that we have been talking about for a long time now.

“About if England could get to this point, get to a semi-final, could they dare to dream?

“Well, let’s talk about what the players are doing today – they actually came south yesterday and stayed closer to Wembley last night.

“They’ve all trained and you know it, there is a real unity among them throughout this.

“But the big question is can they exceed their achievement from three years ago when they reached the semis at the World Cup?”

Later, Sally added: “We’ve heard it time and time again, football is coming home.

“But I tell you what Denmark take issue with that and that whole sentiment.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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