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POLITICIAN Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Azeem have been shot in India over the weekend, with the shocking moment captured on live TV.

Ahmed was accompanied by the police and was talking to the press when he was shot in the head this past Saturday night.

The BBC reports that after the shots were fired, three men that were posing as journalists surrendered and turned themselves over to the police.

Ahmed was a controversial figure in India, linked to multiple accusations of kidnappings, murders, and extortion cases.

Days earlier, Ahmed's teenage son was killed by the police.

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  • M.A. Loreto

    Ahmed's career in politics

    Atiq Ahmed was 60 years old and has a career in politics that dates back to 1989.

    He's been elected five times as a legislator to the state assembly.

    In 2004, Ahmed was elected to parliament.

  • M.A. Loreto

    The government has issued an investigation

    The BBC reports that the Uttar Pradesh government has issued an investigation looking into Ahmed's shooting.

    Lawyers and politicians have spoken about Ahmed's murder, labeling it as "unacceptable."

    "Death in custody is bad enough, murder is worse," said Vikram Singh, the former director general of Uttar Pradesh's state police.

  • M.A. Loreto

    Other injuries at the crime scene

    Ahmed and his brother were the only deaths reported on the crime scene but other people were injured.

    A policeman and a journalist were reported to have sustained some injuries in the scuffle.

  • M.A. Loreto

    Ahmed's last words

    Ahmed and his brother were stopped by the media, with their final moments captured on camera.

    According to the BBC, Ahmed was asked about his son's funeral and whether he had attended it.

    "They did not take us, so we did not go," he said.

  • M.A. Loreto

    The death of Ahmed's son

    Last week, Ahmed's teenage son was killed in Jhansi City.

    He was shot dead by the police and was wanted in connection to a murder case that involved the Uttar Pradesh mafia.

  • M.A. Loreto

    Ahmed's history of crime

    Atiq Ahmed was a controversial figure, having been involved with over 100 criminal cases.

    He was imprisoned in 2019 after being convicted of kidnapping Umesh Pal, a lawyer.

    Pal had testified against Ahmed in the year 2005 when Ahmed was facing charges regarding the killing of a lawmaker.

  • M.A. Loreto

    The government's measures to prevent more attacks

    Following the incidents of Saturday evening, the Uttar Pradesh government has prevented gatherings of more than four people.

    A senior police official said: "The state government imposed restrictive orders after the killings of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed who were members of a large mafia involved in land grabbing and in murder cases."

    "We don't want any form of protest to gain momentum."

  • M.A. Loreto

    Suspected shooters disguised as journalists

    Police quickly detained three men suspected of carrying out the shooting.

    One of the suspects surrendered immediately while the other two had to be subdued by the police.

    Ahmed and his brother were on their way to a hospital in Prayagraj City.

  • M.A. Loreto

    Shot on live TV

    Cameras captured the dramatic moment when Ahmed and his brother were shot and killed.

    The footage shows the moment when the brothers are surrounded by cameras, and when a gunman points a gun at Ahmed's head.

    His brother Ashraf Ahmed was then shot.

    They died within minutes.

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