Aussie boy's birthday party snubbed by mates due to vegan cake

Heartbreak for Queensland boy after mates snub birthday party – because his mum bought him a vegan cake

  • Malachi was excited to celebrate his birthday with friends
  • They won’t come because his chocolate cake will be vegan
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A vegan boy received no RSVP’s from his schoolmates after he revealed his mum would be baking a cake without any animal products in it. 

Malachi’s mum, 27-year-old Angel Craine from Scarborough in southeast Queensland, has been planning his Pokémon-themed party for over a month but was gutted to hear none of his friends planned on attending.

‘I’ve been told every day after school about kids making rude remarks about him being vegan,’ Ms Craine told Daily Mail Australia.

‘But it was only a week ago he told me that everyone said they weren’t coming to his party if he has a vegan cake.

‘They want him to have “animals” in it or they won’t come.’ 

Malachi (pictured with his mum, Angel Craine, and little brother) faced spending his fifth birthday alone after his friends refused to come

Malachi’s friends said they wouldn’t come to his Pokémon birthday party unless his vegan chocolate cake had ‘cows’ in it (pictured, Malachi’s party outfit)

Ms Craine transitioned to a fully vegan diet last year but had no expectations for her two sons, aged four and two, to follow suit.

Both Malachi and his brother are massive animal-lovers and regularly visit farms to see them up close.

It was during one of those trips Malachi realised where one of his favourite foods, chicken nuggets, came from and he swore to avoid eating animals forever.

‘He is really passionate about being vegan,’ Ms Craine said. 

‘He absolutely loves his animals. When I explained that chicken is what’s in nuggets and cow in burgers he was instantly thrown off and never wanted to touch any animal product again.’

Malachi has been vegan since January and ‘wouldn’t change for the world’ but his school friends don’t agree with his new diet.

Malachi (left) and his little brother (right), aged two, have been voluntarily vegan since January

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Ms Craine said her son has been excited about his Pokémon party for weeks and was over the moon to celebrate the special day with his friends. 

‘I think he was excited to tell his friends he’s having a chocolate vegan cake and they ran him down about it and said they won’t come,’ she said. 

‘They want him to have “cow” in his cake or they aren’t coming, that’s how they worded it.’

At first the disappointed mother thought the kids would get over the ‘vegan cake’ problem but realised he son was facing a lonely birthday once the RSVP deadline came.

‘We have not had one reply about his birthday invites or any friends coming,’ she said.

With no other options, Ms Caine was forced to ask her vegan Facebook group if any parents wanted to bring their kids along to the party. 

Ms Craine (left) invited a local vegan Facebook group to come along to Malachi’s (left) party – so far 12 kids are planning to come

‘It’s coming up next weekend and we have about 12 kids coming,’ she said.

‘It will be nice for him to make some kind friends with similar interests.

‘He’s always keen to make friends, he’s a little social butterfly so he’s super excited about his birthday.

‘He’s also absolutely obsessed with Pokémon, I even bought him a Pikachu costume to wear.’

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