Bill Maher says sleaze Cuomo should resign

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Letters to the Editor — July 4, 2021

Bill Maher may be the only person who can save the left from itself

The tide is turning against the woke-liberal blob that misrules us

Bill Maher added his voice to a very long list of people who have officially called for New York Gov. Cuomo to resign in the wake of a damning report from the state Attorney General’s office that he sexually harassed multiple women.

“Day Four of the Andrew Cuomo death watch,” Maher quipped. “The report came back. Yes, sleaze … Democrats are dropping him like he’s made of gluten.”

The late night host continued during an interview with conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and liberal author Malcolm Nance.

“I think this is worse than Ralph Northam,” Maher said later, referring to the Democratic Virginia governor who was busted in an old yearbook photo dressed in blackface (or possibly as a Ku Klux Klan member).

“What’s worse, blackface at a party in 1980 … or actually sexually harassing women in 2021 and who work under you?” asked Maher.

“It’s time to go!” Maher said later. “He’s not Donald Trump because Donald Trump is a city cockroach and nothing can kill him. And this guy is not. He should go.”

Despite mounting pressure to resign — including from President Biden— Cuomo has so far shown no indication that he will do so. His office has denied the allegations against him. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said the time had come for impeachment

“It is abundantly clear to me that the Governor has lost the confidence of the Assembly Democratic majority and that he can no longer remain in office,” he said Tuesday.

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