Bodycam shows MAGA rioters trampling over dying woman

Bodycam footage shows MAGA rioters trampling over dying woman on the steps of the US Capitol to attack cops as her friend desperately screams for help

  • Rosanne Boyland, 34, from Georgia, died during the pro-Trump riot on the U.S. Capitol on January 6
  • The official cause of death of the MAGA supporter has not been determined but her family say she was trampled
  • Bodycam footage shows Boyland lying on the ground as rioters trample over her to beat officers with a hockey stick and a crutch
  • Her friend Justin Winchell is heard repeatedly crying for help and saying that Boyland ‘is dead’ in the newly published footage
  • Other rioters ignore his pleas as they push over her to continue their attack 

Sickening bodycam footage shows pro-Trump rioters trampling over a dying woman to beat cops with a crutch and a hockey stick as her friend screams for help.

Rosanne Boyland, 34, from Georgia, was among four MAGA supporters who died as Trump loyalists violently swarmed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The official cause and manner of her death are still pending, according to Washington’s chief medical examiner, but the new footage obtained by reveals how her friend desperately tried to save her during a brutal fight between rioters and officers.

Her friend, Justin Winchell, is repeatedly heard crying her name and shouting ‘she’s dead’, yet the Trump rioters continue to push over her to attack. 

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Justin Winchell is pictured here crying for help for his friend Rosanna Boyland

Boyland is seen here lying on the ground on the bottom right as cops face off with rioters. Her friend Justin Winchell, pictured in the light blue hoodie to the right, is heard in bodycam footage of the clash screaming for help as he crys that Boyland ‘is dead’

Boyland is circled on the ground the right as the man circled left tramples over her

The footage was originally shown by the US Attorney’s Office in D.C. on January 25 in the case of Michael Joseph Foy, who federal authorities accuse of being the man shown beating cops with a hockey stick.

The video appears to have come from the bodycam of a Metropolitan Police Officer who was dragged outside and beaten by the mob after they had been pushed out of the building.

Rosanne Boyland, 34, from Georgia, died during the pro-Trump riot on the U.S. Capitol on January 6

It begins at 4.26pm as cops were forcing back the rioters, opening with a crush of bodies as a man’s voice – believed to be Winchell – shouts ‘save her’.

Winchell is then seen to the right in a blue hoodie and sunglasses reaching to the ground as the violence around him continues.

To the left of the screen, another rioter is seen with blood running down his head.

‘Move out!’ officers repeat.

Boyland is briefly seen lying on the steps as Winchell becomes more panicked and begins to shout for help.

‘She’s gonna die! She’s dead!’ he says before turning to the mob behind him and shouting ‘I need somebody!’

While another person is pulled away from the chaos, the rioters around Winchell ignore his pleas. 

Instead, they shoot pepper spray over his head at officers and grip a crutch and a hockey stick to being another attack.

‘Knock their masks off!’ one of them states.

A man in a hat, brown jacket, and University of Michigan sweatshirt lunges over Boyland’s body to reach officers, followed by the man in a winter coat with the hockey stick – which authorities have identified as Foy.

Foy, a former marine, has been accused of striking officers at least ten times in 16 seconds.

Winchell can still be heard in the background screaming ‘No’ as the rioters pummeling cops shout: ‘F*** you! I’ll f*****g kill you’.

The video ends with Winchell repeatedly crying Boyland’s name.

A second video released to by the US Attorney’s office in D.C. shows the chaos from the other side and the crush of people pushing toward the door where Boyland is lying on the ground.

Winchell can be glimpsed for a second before the men with hockey sticks and crutches rush toward him and the violent confrontation with officers begins.  

As the cops were attacked, other rioters eventually moved Boyland from the steps and attempted to resuscitate her.

Boyland was declared dead 90 mins after this bodycam footage was filmed

Winchell is shown here in terror as more people crash toward them

Another rioter attacks police at the end of the bodycam footage, as pictured

They then brought her back to the officers pushing back the mob from the doorway and she was taken inside the Capitol Rotunda where a paramedic could reach her.

Boyland was pronounced dead at the hospital at 6pm, around an hour and a half after the bodycam footage was filmed.

The Georgia woman had promised her family that she would not get involved in anything violent as she headed to D.C. for Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally on January 6.

Her family told the New York Post that she had a drug problem but as she began to get clean, got wrapped up the QAnon conspiracy theory and refused to believe that Joe Biden had won the election.

Before her death, she had posted pictures and videos of former president Trump, alongside his unfounded allegations of election fraud.

Winchell, however, has said that he does not believe Trump is responsible for his friend’s death and that ‘Antifa and other instigators’ were guilty of inciting the violence as the president’s supporters descended on Capitol buildings. 

The rioters pictured ran over Rosanne Boyland as she lay on the ground

Footage from the other direction also shows Winchell screaming for help

Video from the other side shows the chaos near the doorway

The family of Rosanne Boyland, pictured, has blamed former President Trump for her death in the riot but friend Justin Winchell who was with her when she died blame ‘Antifa’

‘She was killed by an incited event and it was not incited by Trump supporters,’ he claimed.

There is no evidence that this was the case.

In an interview with CBS46, Winchell described the terrifying moment as he watched his friend die.

‘People were in there to start stuff, but it wasn’t supposed to be a violent event,’ Winchell said, claiming that a few people began to push others, sparking the riot.

‘They basically created a panic, and the police, in turn, push back on them, so people started falling.

‘I put my arm underneath her and was pulling her out and then another guy fell on top of her, and another guy was just walking [on top of her],’ he continued.

‘There were people stacked 2-3 deep…people just crushed.

‘I lost a dear, dear friend, an amazing friend,’. 

Boyland’s own family have placed the blame with Trump for her death.

Her brother-in-law, Justin Cave, spoke out against the fatal incident saying the rally cost her life.

Roseanne’s brother-in-law Justin Cave blames Trump for her death

‘I’ve never tried to be a political person but it’s my own personal belief that the president’s words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans last night and I believe that we should invoke the 25th Amendment at this time,’ Cave said in a prepared statement he read aloud to CBS 46.

‘Roseanne, like a lot of people there, was really passionate about her beliefs as was her right.

‘Our family is devastated by the loss of Roseanne. She was a wonderful sister, daughter, and aunt. Anyone who knew her knows how compassionate she was,’ he added.

‘She would always put others before herself. As we watched these awful events unfold, we hoped that Roseanne was not among the crowd.’

Kevin Greeson, 55, from Alabama and Benjamin Phillips, 50, from Pennsylvania, also died at the Capitol riot due to medical emergencies while Ashli Babbitt, 35, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer as she tried to breach the building.

A Capitol cop also died after being hit wit a fire extinguisher.

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