Brits to bask in 20C sun this weekend… but it’s going to get HOTTER next month | The Sun

BRITS are set to bask in 20C temperatures this weekend – and next month is predicted to get even hotter.

The Met Office forecast for this week suggests we will see warm and sunny weather at the weekend.

Parts of London and the Southeast are expected to reach 20-21C on Sunday.

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: "Wednesday temperatures will lift generally – the mid to high teens around the coasts, inland reaching the low 20s perhaps around 23 towards the Bristol area."

He added: "Into Friday and the weekend it stays very similar, high pressure holds and it stays mostly settled with plenty of warm sunshine."

Earlier this week the Met Office predicted a sunny and fine day on Thursday, with temperature highs of 24C or possibly 25C.

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Monday's Met forecast said: "With high pressure conditions settling in for the coming week, the warmth we will experience will be homegrown as clear skies will allow more of the May sunshine to reach ground level, gradually raising temperatures to expected highs of 25°C for a day or two later this week.

Mr Morgan confirmed that the warm weather looks likely to stay: "The rest of May looks predominantly settled, largely dry and often sunny."

He said that while there is a chance of some showers or thunderstorms developing, particularly in the south in the first week of June, temperatures will stay above average.

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