Builder pooch totally nails it with drill, sander, saw and sledgehammer

THERE’S just no excuse for paw workmanship on this building site.

Staffordshire bull terrier Brix totally nails it with a drill, sander, saw and sledgehammer.

He even dons a hard hat, toolbelt and goggles when working with owner Brenton McNeil.

Brix also has 11,500 Instagram followers. Brenton, 33, of Ocean Grove, Australia, said:“I love bringing Brix with me every day.

"I definitely think dogs have a place on the construction site, provided they are trained well.

“It brings so much joy to people seeing Brix on site, he always has to say hello to everyone who enters!”

Brix first started work on the building site at just six months after Brenton adopted him from a breeder in the local area.

He added: "Even from a young age, he was always really smart and attentive. I never really liked leaving him home alone so bringing him with me to work was a good situation for everyone really."

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