Car crash caused by cicada that flew in open window

This pest violated a no-fly zone.

A cicada was blamed for causing a car crash in Cincinnati after it buzzed through an open window and got in the driver’s face, police said.

The noisy, red-eyed insect was part of a “large swarm” that descended on a black Chevrolet Monday afternoon in the East End neighborhood, local police said.

“One flew into the driver’s compartment through an open window and struck him in the face, temporarily stunning him,” police wrote on Facebook.

The distraction caused him to crash into a utility pole, totaling his car, police said.

Police said the motorist was able to escape without serious injury, but warned other drivers to take precautions against the pests.

“Remember to keep your windows rolled up until our little red eyed friends are gone,” police said, along with the hashtag, #NothingGoodHappensWithCicadas.

Periodical cicadas are swarming across the nation as part of Brood X, which emerge from the ground every 17 years to mate. 

The flying bugs survive about a month, but the females leave behind hundreds of eggs — setting the scene for another invasion in the future.

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