Commuters warned of dangerous conditions as warning for fog issued

Commuters are warned to brace for dangerous conditions on the morning commute as Met Office issues fresh warning for fog

  • Thick fog in the northeast has reduced visibility to as little as 50 metres today
  • The Met Office warns of severe disruption to travel and dangerous conditions
  • The forecaster predicts another mild day on Wednesday with rain in the west 

Commuters in England are being warned of dangerous conditions on Wednesday after the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for fog in the northeast.

The forecaster told travellers to expect ‘areas of dense fog’ which could cause hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Visibility in the region is expected to fall to 50-100 metres, which is expected to cause severe travel disruption.

As well as the need for drivers to take more care, the Met Office also warns of delays to bus and train services due to the weather with longer journey times.

The ‘dense fog’ warning means that visibility is less than 200 metres. If visibility decreases to 50 metres, severe disruption will hit all forms of transport.

Thick fog extends across most of the UK on Wednesday morning, including in Windsor (pictured)

The fog warning means commuters are warned not to travel if possible

Drivers are advised to avoid travel if at all possible during dense fog. If driving is essential, they are told to drive ‘very slowly with dipped headlights’ and use fog lights instead.

The Met Office also advises to watch out for freezing fog, as this can quickly cause a layer of ice to develop. 

Wednesday’s warning affects a large part of the northeast of England, from Middlesborough in the north to Skegness in the south.

The zone includes Lincoln, York, Ripon and Hull, stopping just to the south of Durham. 

The warning lasts until 9am, when fog is expected to begin lifting.

It follows a series of foggy mornings around the UK this week which have slowed travel times across the country. 

London saw a misty start on Wednesday morning ahead of temperatures reaching double figures later in the day

Chimney stacks are silhouetted against a colourful sunrise with pink sky in Wimbledon, south west London

Even outside of the warning’s reach, millions are waking up to mist and fog on Wednesday morning around the UK.

In London, the morning’s sunset revealed reduced visibility, while in Windsor fog made for tricky conditions for runners and cyclists. 

Meanwhile elsewhere, a band of cloud, rain and strong winds will hit the west of the UK throughout the morning.

In the east, it will be dry and bright once any remaining fog has lifted.

The Met Office predicted a mild day with temperatures set to reach double figures in the south of England. 

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