Cops rescue five-year-old girl from inside closet in Arkansas home

Video shows the moment cops rescue five-year-old girl from inside tiny, secret closet in Arkansas home

  • Jon Thompson, 40, was arrested Friday after police rescued a 5-year-old from a closet in his home
  • Tontitown police bodycam footage showed the hidden compartment where the child was kept
  • He has been charged for interference with custody, first-degree false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor

Shocking video shows the moment Arkansas police tore up a close inside a home to find a five-year-old girl hiding inside – and now the homeowner faces a slew of criminal charges. 

Jon Thompson, 40, of Tontitown, Arkansas was arrested Friday after police came to his home the day before and rescued a child hidden in a closet.

Police bodycam video showed the man wearing overalls and a hat, leading police to a closet in the home.

After digging through items blocking the secret door, a small five-year-old child emerged and she was taken to the Department of Human Services.

‘She was very emotional when she came out and pretty scared. He had instructed her not to make a sound or reveal she was back there,’ Detective Keith Lindley told USA TODAY.

Tontitown Police Department body camera footage showed them rescuing a five-year-old girl from a secret closet compartment

Jon Thompson, 40, has been charged for interference with custody, first degree false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor

The child was unharmed in the incident.  

The 40-year-old now faces charges of interference with custody, first-degree false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of body armor and drug paraphernalia, according to The Washington County Jail Intake. 

Tontitown police were assisting DHS officials take custody of the child when they attempted to make contact with Thompson, reported KNWA.

The man claimed a judge had granted him custody of the child, refused to open the front door and told police the five-year-old was not at the residence.

Eventually, Thompson admitted the child was in the home and took police to the closet where officers said they heard noises coming from.

The suspect moved some boxes to reveal a board that had been nailed into the wall. Behind the board was a small compartment with open insulation, photos show.

Photos from the Tontitown Police Department show the small compartment with open insulation where the child was hidden 

Bodycam footage showed Thompson moving boxes in the closet and a large board nailed to the wall block the child in the compartment

At the time of his arrest Thompson was free on bond for unrelated charges out of Benton County.

 ‘He was on bond in connection for a methamphetamine charge from our neighbor city to the north,’ Lindley said.

He was booked at the Washington County Jail on Friday and was released on Monday when he posted a $5,000 bond.

Thompson’s next court date is scheduled for December 4. 

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