Cow gal pal not enough to entice runaway bull on Long Island

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A Long Island bull who escaped captivity a day before being taken to the slaughterhouse outwitted his potential captors — refusing to emerge even when they trotted out a seductress cow named Norma Jean. 

“She was mooing and out there,” Frank Floridia, president of Strong Island Animal Rescue, told The Post of the bovine temptress, named in homage to screen siren Marilyn Monroe.

“The scent was there, and despite the amazing efforts of the team he didn’t show up.”

The roughly 1,500-pound animal busted out of a farm on Barnes Road in Manorville on Tuesday morning by breaking through a fence, police said. It was scheduled to be slaughtered the next day, Newsday reported.

The bull then made a run for it along the Sunrise Highway, forcing police to shut it down at Exit 58 before reopening the roadway 20 minutes later.

That night, the burly beast was spotted near the slaughterhouse on night vision camera, leading local animal rescue organizations to believe he may have been heading back to the area to sleep at night, Floridia said. 

So around 6 p.m. Wednesday, they brought in the cow in heat from a local farm — hoping the bull would fancy a roll in the hay.

A video shows a woman on horseback leading the way as the man held a rope attached to the cow, guiding her through a vast meadow. 

“What would be the best way to lure a young male out than to bring in a menstruating cow,” Floridia said. 

But the mission — which lasted about two-and-a-half hours — ended with no bull in sight, he said. 

Rescuers will be back out on Thursday, with Norma Jean on hand.

They will also scatter grain, considered a “dessert” for the bull — and bring out some pens in hopes of corralling him.

Suffolk County Police confirmed Thursday morning that the bull was still on the loose and that the search was turned over to multiple animal rescue groups.

The police department will continue to respond to all 911 calls regarding the bull.

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